Wahhabi Extremists – Boko Haram – Engage in the Haram

Boko Haram those who embarrass Islam,

those who shame the Muslim ummah.

They say they promote the Shariah,

but they are far from the Sunnah.

They are gentle on themselves

but are harsh on others.

Their “Islam” is like a picture drawn by an angry child.

This murderous group of land pirates is the Islamophobes dream. Like the other extremist Wahhabi terror monstrosities they have shadowy origins and leadership, they behave without regard to the actual values or laws of Islam whilst proclaiming the Shariah. They carry out murderous attacks and so-called punishments on others when they are the ones to be punished. These harmful people act like a caricature of Muslims drawn by the most virulent and hateful enemy of the Muslims.

Boko Haram harm Muslims in West Africa and further afield in three ways.

1. They strengthen the hand of the enemies of the Muslims (across the globe) who wish to dehumanize and oppress the Muslim community.

2. They harm innocent people (Muslim and non-Muslim), ruin people’s lives, replace peace with war and destroy much when they have built nothing.

3. They make the work of inviting non-Muslims to Islam much, much harder. These people and their Kharijite lookalikes in al-Qaeda, ISIS and the like have done much to bring the name of the Muslims into disrepute with people who know no better.

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ISIS – ISIL Conspires Against Humanity

ISIS is a Conspiracy Against Humanity – Muslims are its Main Victims.

Thanks to various tyrannical rulers Iraq and Syria have long suffered. They have not had real peace and security since the Ottoman times and who can remember those days? America’s ‘War on Terror’ made the region far worse and destabilized the situation leading to mass murder between various foolish groups.

Very few Muslims believe that ISIS is what it claims to be, very few Muslims believe that they are an ‘Islamic State’ – their actions have proven to be the antithesis of Islam and their claim to have a state is dubious – they should in fact be called the Un-Islamic Non-State of Iraq and Syria (UNIS for short).  Or possibly the Pseudo-Islamic Non-State of Iraq  and Syria (PINIS).

Henceforth it would make sense to refer to the followers of this particularly murderous group as to PINIS members, or more specifically to PINIS male members.  When referring to their false Caliph we should refer to him as the head of PINIS, or the PINIS head for short.

Rather than the BBC talking about statements being made by the ISIS Caliph it would be much more appropriate for them to talk about statements made by the PINIS head.

Rather than the BBC talking about atrocities committed by ISIS Islamic extremists (they are not extremely Islamic – they are extremely un-Islamic) it would be much more accurate to talk about atrocities committed by PINIS male members.

Like 99% of Muslims I hope that the saga of terrorism and wars on terror ends soon and that people who wish to seek power should stop pretending to be religious and that people whose only real motivations are related to the control of oil and general geo-political influence should stop pretending that their only goals are to end tyranny and eradicate the terrorism.


Khilafah state ISIS declared is illegitimate; its followers are deviators.

Supporting it is forbidden. It must be stopped and will be defeated.

Sheikh Muhammad Yaquobi

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“The International Union of Muslim Scholars condemns the forcible expulsion of Christian brothers in Iraq from their home, cities and governorates. These acts are against the Islamic Shariah and against the Islamic conscience. These acts offer a negative and bad picture of Islam and Muslims and negate the facts of Islam which calls for justice and good behaviour towards all and preaches values of charity and tolerance which is evident from Allah’s saying in the Qur’an: “Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for your faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loves those who are just” (60:8). Following these principles, Muslims offered marvellous examples of behaviour towards non-Muslims in most difficult times which led them to accept Islam and mingle with Muslim societies and coexist with Muslims in one single homeland.

“The IUMS demands the organisation knows as “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”, which has hurt Muslims by declaring a so-called caliphate, to all the Christian brothers in Mosul to return to their homes because they are original sons of Iraq and no intruders therein. Efforts must be made to bury dissension, unify ranks and solve the problems of Iraq instead of thrusting upon it matters which will only complicate the current situation and will serve only the conspiracies of the enemies which seek to balkanise not only Iraq but all Arab and Muslim nations.

“We wished this orgnanisation, if indeed it was living in this age, to join with IUMS in asking the whole world to review the style of treatment of Muslims in many areas especially Palestine and what Palestinians are facing in terms of expulsion, destruction, murder and massacres, and the conspiracies which are being planned against Muslims in many countries like Srilanka, India, Central Asian Republic etc., which instigates a struggle on sectarian lines and thrusts upon the world a cesspool of never-ending hostilities which will destroy all.

“IUMS appeals to the free world, if it listens and has some life left, to stand with the persecuted victims whose rights have been snatched away from them. Justice and restoration of right will stop struggles, conflicts and wars and will put paid to extremisms of all kinds.

“Instigating a strife is a great evil. All people should try to know its causes and struggle to crush and extinguish it . “May Allah protect Iraq and all Arab and Muslim countries from internal fighting and from distensions overt and covert.”

Signed by IUMS President Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and General Secretary Dr Ali Muhiyuddin Al-Qaradaghi.


“The declaration of the official spokesman of the organization of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the establishment of what he called an ‘Islamic caliphate’ in the liberated areas of both Iraq and Syria, and as saying: It was a nomination of a caliph to the Muslims, and so became the duty of all Muslims to pledge allegiance to him.

Here we are about this announcement we are repeating what we said when the organization of ‘Tawhid and Jihad in Mesopotamia’ had announced for its own Islamic State in Iraq in 2007, which is that any party announces a state or emirate – whether an Islamic or non-Islamic – under these conditions, it is not in the interest of Iraq and its unity now,and will be taken as a pretext to divide the country and harming people, furthermore this announcement took place in areas still fighting, the ongoing battle between the parties attack and retreat, and there is no empowerment to any of these parties yet, besides, the organizers of the safe areas are unable to provide the minimum limits of their means of livelihood for the people there, the people today suffer from tightness of the living, and lack of the most basic necessities of life, and they are scared of their fate, which will end up to it in light of all this, more importantly, who had announced the caliphate did not consult neither with the people of Iraq and Syria, nor the influential people and elders there, who represent the base of the pledge of allegiance, and place of it.

The announcement of the establishment of any state – not to mention the caliphate – is not before providing the prerequisite for success, otherwise a failure will be reflected on everyone, these prerequisite including: The development of the basic building blocks of the management institutions in accordance with the new system, and the presence of the structure and realistic of the state, and its ability to impose the order which adopted, and its capability to provide the minimum limits for the necessities of the people and their needs, and so on, for the time being, all this did not happen, and so the pledge of allegiance – in this case – is not binding legally to any one of the people, and we recommend you to back down from this declaration for sake of the revolution and the revolutionaries, and taking into account the interests of the people and country.”

General Secretariat
3 Ramadan 1435 AH
1 July 2014 AD


“This is Not the Path to Paradise

Response to ISIS

INTRODUCTION Counsel for the Youth”


“All praise belongs to the Lord of the worlds. May peace and blessings be upon our Master Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy and Messenger of Wisdom, his benevolent family, and his noble companions, perpetually until the end of time.

This is addressed to the young men who bear arms against their own nations and destroy both country and countrymen. You have abandoned all values and made enemies of the world. We call on you to pause, reflect, and heed this counsel for the sake of all who want good for our community.

As an introduction to the statement, we present these four quotations for serious consideration.


1. A verse from the Qur’an follows:

“When he is empowered, he sets out to do violence in the land, destroying crops and livestock. But God does not love violence” (Qur’an, 2:205).

Have not crops and livestock, as well as the elderly and women and children, been destroyed? Is this not violence and corruption in the land, which God abhors?


2. A statement from the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, from his last sermon given on the Farewell Pilgrimage follows:

“Beware (or Woe unto you)! Listen! Do not revert back to disbelief after I have gone— [that is by] some of you killing others.”

Note the use of the phrase “beware” or “woe unto you” that signifies a stern warning. The Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, rarely used such phrases. Furthermore, the scholars of Islam say that this hadith indicates that some will excommunicate others in order to justify killing them. Is this not the excommunication and killing that the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, forbade?


3. A statement of the Caliph ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, from his last sermon follows:

“Whoever pledges allegiance to someone not appointed by the consultative process of the believers, neither he nor the one to whom he pledged allegiance are to be followed, out of fear of foolishly exposing themselves to being killed with them.”

Has the one who claims to be the caliph of the Muslims consulted the Muslim world, or is he placing himself and those who pledge allegiance to him at risk of being killed? Is this not the disregard of the people which the Caliph ‘Umar warned of?


4. A statement from the great Sunni Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, may God have mercy on him, made to the people of Baghdad [during his time] follows:

“Do not shed your own blood nor the blood of other Muslims along with you. Consider the eventual effects of your actions.”

He spoke these words to those who wanted to overthrow the Abbasid Caliph al-Wathiq after he proclaimed [the heresy] that the Qur’an was created. Is this not just like the bloodshed that Imam Ahmad warned the people of Baghdad against?

We ask you, out of concern, to reflect on these enlightening statements and to re-evaluate your positions, for turning to truth is better than persisting in falsehood.

We are not ignorant of the injustices that exist, and we earnestly call for them to cease; yet we believe that the chances for justice are better when there is peace, not war. Everywhere the widespread wars must stop, and the mindless civil strife must halt so that we may gain life and not lose both this world and the hereafter.

We ask God, most high, to guide everyone. Amen.


“This is Not the Path to Paradise

A Statement to the Muslim World and its Leaders

Remember and Consider the Question Why?”

“In March 2014, more than 250 Islamic scholars and thinkers from around the world attended the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies in Abu Dhabi. One of the goals of the Forum was for these leaders to establish a unified position in response to the gravest threats facing the Muslim world today during this critical phase of its history.

The gravity of the situation is manifested in the following ways:

  • The uncommon nature of the threat is evidenced by unprecedented levels of violence utilizing every type of warfare. This even includes weapons of mass destruction, which citizens of the same country are using against one another.
  • This violence has a broader reach, as evidenced by the expanding geography that covers a large region of the Muslim and Arab nations. Conflicts are on the verge of spreading to other regions as well.
  • This conflict is different in its duration. Perpetual conflicts, with no end in sight, are becoming the norm.
  • The ideas and psychology associated with this violence are distinct. This dimension augments the three dimensions above since these conflicts have produced the most extreme ideas, the most bizarre fatwas (legal edicts), and the most fanatical and inciting opinions. The discourse has been filled with appalling fatwas rendering judgments on excommunication, deviance, immorality, and heresy. These fatwas have justified bloodshed while disregarding Islamic law’s mandates of civil obedience, respect for life, and to refrain from divisiveness, irrespective of how morally degraded a society becomes. Instead, there are inappropriate claims of engaging in jihad and addressing the ills of society without fulfilling the conditions of doing so, which has led to even more suffering.
  • This conflict has international implications and tarnishes the image of Islam worldwide. Some might even describe our faith as “a religion of terrorism” and work to try Islam and its adherents under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.

Some of the recommendations that came out of the Forum for Promoting Peace included the urgent and dire need to reorder the house of the Muslims and to restore its constituents on the individual, societal, and institutional levels. It also reinforced the pressing need to strengthen the “immune system” of the Muslim world against the extremism and violence that exists within it, regardless of where the violence is directed or how it began. The time is now for Muslim societies—individuals and political entities —to work together towards what is right and good and to place the higher interests of humanity and the world above personal interests. They must adopt dialogue and cooperation as the sole strategy to address their concerns.

In recent weeks and months, the incidences of violence have only accelerated and become more indiscriminate and destructive in nature, leaving no segment of society or religious community unaffected. These trends were predicted and forewarned about at the Forum, and we must quickly work to implement the suggestions and recommendations found in the papers and presentations of the participants.

Thus, for all who are troubled about the state of the Muslim world and long for its reformation, the Forum for Promoting Peace would like to remind you of and alert you to the following:

1. The responsibility of the scholars and religious authorities at this time in particular is to protect life. No sane person can remain indifferent to the loss of life and suffering in the Muslim world. What then of those who have pledged to God that they will do their part to set the world right? The reality is that much of what is happening today relies on religious justification as a pretext. The perpetrators use excommunication, allegations of treason, or claim to implement Islamic law in wartime. It appears as though these people have not heard of the tradition of Bishr bin Artah and other well-known traditions on this subject. They also accuse monotheists of polytheism, and they claim they are responding to injustices. Although the allegation of injustices is true, nevertheless their response is wrong, as it is being used for falsehood—for dressing up error in the clothing of truth. Because some of these “leaders” claim to be religious figures, they are causing even greater confusion. At the same time, the media spares no effort to further muddy the waters, and so people’s judgment is skewed, and they falter. For these reasons, there is no excuse for the scholars and leaders to not fulfill their obligation to clarify matters and advise the Muslim world in order to extinguish the fires of conflict and to stop the bloodshed by uniting in truth and cooperating in what is right and good: “Help one another to do what is right and good; do not help one another towards sin and hostility. Be mindful of God, for His punishment is severe” (Qur’an, 5:2).

2. Much of what is happening in the Muslim world now can be traced back to misunderstandings about aspects of Islamic law that are not problematic for open-minded and peaceful societies. Some examples include applying Islamic penal laws, exercising jihad, establishment of the caliphate, practicing obedience to political leaders, and the moral duty to enjoin good and prevent evil. When properly understood, these concepts safeguard peace and protect the sanctity of life. They exemplify the divine mercy that Islam brought on the tongue of the Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him. When these concepts are misunderstood and adulterated in both form and meaning, they morph into a contradiction of their original purpose, goal, and aim, and so the mercy is replaced by punishment for the community, suffered by the criminal and innocent alike, spreading to both the learned and the ignorant equally.

Some of the reasons for these misconceptions are as follows:
a. There is a disconnect between the Islamic dictates and their stipulations: The five rulings of Islamic law (obligation, recommendation, permissibility, discouragement, and prohibition) are regulated by the legal stipulations, which 
 are legal causes, preconditions, and preventatives. It is only from combining both the dictates and their stipulations that a proper understanding develops; if we separate the commands and prohibitions from fulfilling the preconditions, establishing the presence of legal causes, and ensuring the lack of preventatives, then the rulings contravene and contradict Islamic law. To state it more simply, the relationship between applying the rulings and the implications of both time and place and the positive and negative consequences has been severed.

b. The relationship between means and end has been distorted: Any disconnection between the ends and goals as well as the means and tools leads to violating Islamic law. That is because the means to evil ends are also evil, and noble ends can be reached only by noble means. So one cannot use genocide, murder, oppression, or vengeance to establish truth and justice.

c. The four values upon which Islamic law is built—wisdom, justice, mercy, and the common good—have been degraded.

3. Jihad is not synonymous with fighting. Hence, not all jihad is fighting, and not all fighting is jihad. A deeper reading of the primary sources of Islam makes clear that jihad includes all devotions. Filial piety is a form of jihad, as the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, said, “Make your jihad serving them [your parents].” Obeying God is also a form of jihad, as the hadith states, “The real jihad is to strive against the ego in order to obey God.” For this reason, we call on you to embark on a jihad that will undoubtedly get you into paradise and far away from hell: invoke God often, build mosques, be kind to people, and promote civilization. The great scholar Ibn Taymiyyah said that jihad includes all devotions and righteous acts, even those relating to commerce and manufacturing, as is noted in the Ikhtiyarat of al-Ba’li

Your community needs your hard work, intellects, and energies to be organized in pursuit of the common good where it intersects with communal development.

As for the jihad when it relates to fighting, that is in defense of the freedom to practice one’s faith, as is stated in the verse: “Those who have been driven unjustly from their homes only for saying, ‘Our Lord is God’” (Qur’an, 22:40).

As a rule, the state of relations between Muslims and people of other faiths and persuasions is one of peace. Jihad, in the intent behind its original legislation, is a search for “perpetual peace.”

That is why all believers are ordered to enter into peace: “O you who believe, enter wholeheartedly into peace, and do not follow in Satan’s footsteps, for he is your sworn enemy” (Qur’an, 2:208).

Believers are also ordered to accept any attempts at peace: “But if they incline towards peace, you [Prophet] must also incline towards it, and put your trust in God” (Qur’an, 8:61). It is also very well known that the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, compromised greatly at the Armistice of Hudaybiyyah for the sake of making peace.

As for military jihad, that was prescribed for times when there were no global treaties or pacts leaving no means to convey the message of Islam other than with military support, and there were no borders that were acknowledged, unless they were maintained by force, or vast distances separated regions. Also, there were no weapons of mass destruction at this time. All of these premises are no longer the case. How can any Muslim who understands the texts and aims of Islamic law call for war against all other nations? One who does so is foolish, ignorant of the true nature of Islam as well as the realities of today, and seeks to sow corruption in the land.

4.There are many rulings in Islamic law that are not duties meant to be fulfilled by the individual; instead, they are the domain of the political authority or its representative. Among such rulings are military actions and the moral duty to enjoin good and forbid evil. Forbidding evil can sometimes have uncertain consequences, requiring serious deliberation that cannot be done by just anyone. Sometimes it can lead to an even greater evil, and in such a case, forbidding evil would be prohibited for individuals. The same applies to military action such that the government is the only one ordained to attack enemy states abroad, assemble troops, or suppress insurrection. This is mentioned in al-Qarafi’s Distinctions, where he discusses the engagement by the government; he notes that individuals cannot take on such engagement and that it must be carried out by the government only. The wisdom behind this is that some of these groups that we see today working to redress wrongs by force actually cause civil strife and widespread corruption.

5. “The Islamic caliphate” was a phrase the companions of the Prophet, may God be pleased with them, accepted in order to denote the unification of the Muslims and their affairs under an administration that would uphold Islamic law and protect their lives, dignity, and wealth. But the caliphate is not a matter of theology; rather, it is a matter of law subject to legal stipulations, and it is one possible means among others that could be replaced today by other means in order to achieve unity between nations so that they may cooperate and complement one another. Actually, for many centuries, some Muslim lands were independent of the caliphate and were still able to uphold the religion, safeguard the law and sacred sites, and ensure peace and security. This is still the case. Our religion teaches us that our understandings stem from meanings, not words and forms. Consequently, there is no religious duty to pursue the establishment of a caliphate by force—even if we assume it is possible to do so. What then of those who spread corruption in the land, kill the innocent, terrorize the weak, destroy mosques and houses of worship, and disinter tombs? As Ibn Qayyim records, the Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings upon him, and the four Rightly-Guided Caliphs never destroyed a church, synagogue, or temple!

6. All forms of oppression and aggression against religious minorities are in direct contradiction to the values of our religion. In fact, Islam calls us to do well by religious minorities, to place them under our protection, and threatens those who harm them with punishment in the afterlife. This is evidenced by the track record of the Muslim world, which has no peer in history when it pertains to people living harmoniously with religious minorities, beyond what basic humanity demands of equal rights and responsibilities. Hence, any aggression of any kind or coercion to convert is unacceptable. Coerced conversion is invalid in Islamic law. Islam has nothing to do with this, as the Qur’an states, “There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an, 2:256).

7. Fighting and conflict for reasons other than self-defense and repelling aggression are not Islamic values despite the attempts of some to dress it up as righteousness. These are values foreign to the Islamic ethos; in the Islamic tradition, destruction has never been seen as a foundation for advancement; rather, it is seen as a result of ignorance and fanaticism, the effect of suppression and feelings of frustration and vengeance. Our values are intended to instill confidence and love in the hearts, to repel falsehood with truth without any enmity, and to respond to wrongs with patience, pardon, and forgiveness: “Fight in God’s cause against those who who overstep the limits” (Qur’an, 2:190). “Repel evil with good” (Qur’an, 23:96). “They repel evil with good” (Qur’an, 28:54).

8. Muslim societies need to inculcate peace as a goal and a priority. This should be done by means of clearly stated values, both Islamic and those common to broader humanity, and by means of elucidating the legal aspects of peace and reconciliation, its terms, principles, universals, and particulars. In this way, harmony can be restored, distorted perceptions can be corrected, and love and harmony will spread, pulling in the reins of excommunication, defamation, and conflict so that the culture of reason and understanding may again rise. People will then strive to promote the common good and ward off societal harms, following the path of wisdom so that a Muslim will practice his or her religion without feeling estranged or being prone to anxiety or despair.

For these reasons, we call yet again upon religious scholars, philosophers, writers, pioneers, the media, bloggers, and social media activists to take on the task to carry this message, assert its importance in creating harmony in society, and develop a roadmap towards promoting a culture of peace in Muslim societies. We call for an ideological review of curricula and other programming and a detailed analysis of the age in which we live: its needs, demands, ideas, and tools. Studies in the religious sciences need to be furthered in degree and level of understanding, augmented by consideration, reflection, interpretation, legal reasoning, and an understanding of the circumstances surrounding revelatory events. In this manner, the primary texts—both their statements and understandings—can be reexamined, and particulars can be taken back to the universals, restoring the regard the legal schools (madh-habs) had for differences of opinion.

This is not a call to change or replace our scripture; rather it is to go back to its essence and original intended implications using all available methods of research. Only then will we realize just how expansive the shariah is, how merciful, inclusive, and full of wisdom it is. The solutions will be borne out of the shariah, its spirit, and goals. This is an urgent need. The religious scholars and clerics must face it courageously in order to save our community from endless war. And the politicians and representatives must work to remove oppression. Also, world organizations should be more just and sensitive to the events that take place in our region.

9. Lastly, a warning to the youth of the Muslim world in particular, lest they become fuel for the fires of strife and corruption in this world and become fuel for the fire of hell on the Day of Reckoning. We call on them to remain steadfast in the face of the empty claims and promises made before them and to live the Islamic law properly so that they will not be confused and duped into confusing falsehood with truth. This applies, in particular, to those who do not have a command of Arabic and do not understand the language of the Qur’an.

No Muslim is to be excommunicated unless he or she says or does something that is absolutely unambiguous and not open to alternative interpretations. The Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, declared that simply cursing a Muslim is deviance and killing him is disbelief. God has declared the human soul as sacred: “Do not take life, which God has made sacred, except by right” (Qur’an, 17:33). God has also made killing one soul equal to killing all of humanity: “If anyone kills a person—unless in retribution for murder or spreading corruption in the land—it is as if he kills all humankind, while if any saves a life, it is as if he saves the lives of all humankind” (Qur’an, 5:32). Also, a tradition of the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings upon him, states: “A believer will still have some leeway regarding his religious duties, as long as he has not spilled blood unjustly.”

May God’s sublime peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad, his kin, and his companions.”

Abdallah bin Bayyah

President, Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies

September 14, 2014

Abu Dhabi


Prophet Job (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) lived in the period around 600-500 BCE. It has been suggested that Job was a descendant of Prophet Isaac (as), but not of Prophet Jacob (as) and that therefore he was a cousin of, but not a member of, the people of Israel.

Whatever is the case Job was a pious and good man. He always served and obeyed his Lord God and he had tawwakul (trust in God) and sabr (patience) in God. He was among the most pious of servants.

God sometimes tests his servants so that they may prove themselves and because Job had so much trust and patience in his Lord and such a high spiritual state he was tested at a higher level.

Job was a rich and healthy man. He was strong in mind and in body and he had a lovely family. He had been rewarded with material, social and spiritual comfort in the world, but God was to test him with great trials.

He lost all his wealth, his family died and he became ill with uncomfortable sores all over his body. He was lonely and even the beggars and paupers started to look down upon him, but he always trusted and loved God.

For a long time he simply accepted what had happened without comment. He was immensely patient and trusting in the Mercy of his Lord he remained quiet accepting that many good things that God had given him had now gone.

Eventually and after much suffering Job appealed to his Lord.

He called out to his Creator how he had been afflicted with adversity, but he was still absolute in his awareness that God was the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

Job called to his Lord how he felt that Satan had inflicted suffering upon him and he heard a voice instructing him to strike the ground with his foot, a wonderful spring erupted and the voice explained that it was coolness and a soothing drink.

He drank from and bathed in the spring and the healing water soothed and healed the sores that had been afflicting him. Merciful Allah brought his wonderful, but deceased, family back to life and in an addition He miraculously awarded Job extra offspring who he had not had before.

The greatest gift of all that God gave Job in reward for passing his extreme test was the gift of a son who would one day be one of the Prophets of God and he was called Ezekiel (Dhul Kifli in Arabic).

(from an old blog of mine)

Prophet Daniel & King Cyrus

In 586 BC the Pagan Babylonians invaded the Holy City of Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon’s Temple. The Israelites were enslaved and taken to Babylon where they unhappily remained. However, in 539 BCE (in Babylon) the Biblical Prophet Daniel (as) was given access to the court of that tyrannical state through Divine intervention. He warned the foolish vainglorious Babylonian ruler of his imminent demise.

Cyrus the Great (ra) of Persia, as he is called, is quite possibly the ‘Dhulqarnayn’ of the Holy Qur’an. He was a great figure who turned Persia into a great bastion of goodness. When he came to power he was inspired by God into many good works.

The evidence shows that he was a great Muslim King (a Muslim means one in submission to God), originally he had been the ruler of a small area, but due to his good qualities of piety, fair dealings and leadership he was made leader of the tribal chiefs of Faaris and the King of Persia and Maydya. He gradually expanded the Persian territory all over the Middle East.

Cyrus was an ideal ruler and he believed that the wealth of the state should be used to assist the people rather than for the personal ends of the rulers. The Torah records how Cyrus was a believer in the religion of the One True God and how he was a kind and merciful ruler.

According to some Islamic scholars King Cyrus was indeed Dhulqarnayn (ra) who is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, whilst according to others the real Dhulqarnayn lived a long time before that. Sometimes Muslims also refer to Dhulqarnayn as being Iskander, but this should not be confused with the Pagan ‘Alexander of Macedonia’ (whose legends were conflated with those of Dhulqarnayn by Arab Christians who wrote romances mixing the two characters in the period before the last Revelation –  this lead to some Muslims confusing these two very different people).

Soon after Cyrus became the leader of Persia the King of Asia-Minor Lydia broke a covenant of peace and attacked the Persian Empire. Cyrus quickly led his army on a Western expedition to defend the realm and his forces easily defeated the attackers and liberated the lands of the invading kingdom.

The Greek historian Herodotus recorded the miraculous speed of the Persian invasion, which stretched as far as the Black Sea on the western coast.

Cyrus fought bravely and he defeated the warlike Lydians, but he was merciful to the vanquished people and rather than punishing them he let them be. The civilians were kindly treated and the enemy soldiers were not harmed if they surrendered.

Soon afterwards the Baktarya tribes people rose up and attacked the deserts east of the land of Persia. Cyrus subdued these tribes and beyond this area there were mountains that made further progress impossible. Another time Cyrus made an expedition to the north. He traveled high up and past the Caspian Sea and he reached the Ka-Kayasa Mountains.

When he reached this land the people complained of oppression from barbarians of the Seethen tribe who would come through the pass and plunder the wealth of the people. The Greek historians Herodotus and Xenophon record how Cyrus took steps to prevent the barbarians coming through that pass in the mountains.

The area liberated by the enlightened Persian King Cyrus (ra) now spread over a great area (as far as the Indus according to Dara), but now it was time for him to deal with the evil Pagan kingdom of Babel.

Daniel (as) had heralded that the Persians would soon become the rulers of Babylon to the King, but at the time this claim seemed absurd because as the capital was the strongest defended and most powerful city in the world. All power and might belongs to God and He inspired the people of Babylonia to assist the liberating army of Cyrus as it arrived. Together they redirected the city’s river which had formed on of its main defenses.

According to Herodotus, even before Cyrus arrived Gobriyas, the governor of Babel, had betrayed the evil Pagan leadership and the city fell to the liberating forces of goodness. Thus it was that in 539 BCE Cyrus of Persia liberated the Middle East and freed the Israelites.

Babylon became an important city in the Persian Achaemanid Empire, but its days as a center of vainglorious empires and conquests were gone. In the Book of Uzayr-Ezra it was recorded how the King of Faaris (Persia) was inspired by God and how he made a proclamation to his people stating that God had inspired him to make a home for the Israelites in Jerusalem and to rebuild the Temple there.

Cyrus not only proclaimed that the Israelites could return home, but also that the God of the Temple of Solomon was the One True God. Thus in 536 BCE the Israelites returned to the Holy Land thanks to Cyrus. The benevolent Persians allowed them great autonomy and they were able to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

After Cyrus passed away his heir Dara (ra) was also a believer in the One True God. They were both followers of the original Monotheistic teachings of Zoroaster and even the Israelites, with their exclusive tendencies, could perceive Cyrus and Dara as being true believers.

Many Israelites were so comfortable living in Mesopotamia and Persia that they decided not to return to the Holy Land at this time (the descendants of those who remained in Babylon were later to be highly influential and the Babylonian Talmud became more accepted than the Palestinian one some centuries later).

Perhaps partly because Cyrus and Dara were both followers of the pure and original Zoroastrian Monotheism and were able to benefit from the Israelite Prophet Daniel (as), they faced trouble and uprisings from corrupting plots and insurrection of the Magi (Majoos). The Magi had been working to promote their own understanding of the religion through the centuries and probably felt very threatened by the ties of Cyrus and Dara with the Israelites.

One time Dara preached to his people that whatever religion they were from they should submit to God, the God of the Biblical Prophet Daniel (as). He asserted that only the Lord of the Bible was the true ever living God, whose Kingdom is never ending. Dara reminded the people of how God had saved Daniel from the lion and brought Cyrus and himself into being successful rulers (see Daniel 6/25-28). Cyrus and Dara were both rulers the like of which we rarely see.

(from an old blog of mine)

British Values or Cultural Marxism?

How did we get to the state in Britain where Orthodox Jewish children can be harassed by Ofsted inspectors and have to listen to those same inspectors tell them that their moral ideology is wrong, and have to listen to those same inspectors preach secular humanist attitudes towards sex and sexuality – to the point where these children felt threatened, intimidated and bullied?

How did we possibly come to such a situation of loss of liberty where we regularly hear of Christian bed and breakfasters going to court because they refuse to allow a homosexual couple to share a room in their home, or Christian cake makers in trouble because they refused to make a homosexually themed cake or elderly Christian people threatened with legal action for publishing passages out of the Bible related to the same theme?

Sometimes it seems that liberal societies can be the very most illiberal and totalitarian…

Historically British people valued the family, believed in the key values of Abrahamic religion, charity and community. They also firmly believed in liberty, true liberty, not the continental type which was tyranny under a different name. These things did not always solve all of Britain’s problems, but they kept things moving along comfortably for a very long time. Only the hiccup of the industrial revolution upset the balance and called into necessity a new force to protect the industrial workers from abuse in this new, untried situation.

This new force was the British Labour Movement. Initially born in the form of trades unions and eventually to develop into the Labour Party. A party that would seek to represent the interests of the majority of the people of Britain – not so much against the minority who benefited from their toil, but rather in the interests of all.

I wonder why the UK Labour Party took such a large role in replacing traditional British values with what can only be described as cultural Marxism (a worldview that all major British political parties seemingly acquiesced to in the end). The Labour party had shared many ideas with the Marxists and Marxists formed part of the early Labour membership and support, yet the bulk of the party was always Christian, with Christian values. The bulk of the party shared many of the goals with the Marxists but they did not share their secular fundamentalist philosophy.

Workers of the world unite, yes please, Anti-religious tyranny and free sex, no thanks.

The Labour party was largely born of Trades Unionism and Non-Conformist Christianity. Its values were those of the British working people, not those of the unhealthy European libertines. Labour’s original philosophical couldn’t have been further from Marx and his like. Early Labour MP’s would cite Jesus (as), the Bible, Ruskin, Thomas Moore, Charles Dicken’s and a whole host of inspirations notable for their compatibility with traditional British values.

Yet it would be the secular fundamentalism, nihilism and hedonism of those infused with Marxist ideology who would later subvert both the Labour party and British society as a whole. During the mid 20th century the Labour revisionist thinker Tony Crosland (1918-1977)* suggested that many key traditional Labour party ideas were outmoded and should be jettisoned. He also proposed that abortion and homosexuality should be allowed and that censorship should be ended.

At this point the Non-Comformist Christians who had been the key founders of the British Labour movement could well have turned in their graves.

Tony Crosland’s on-off homosexual partner was Roy Jenkins. It was he who would spearhead the implementation of Crosland’s ideas during his time as a minister in the Harold Wilson government. This was the 1960’s with its explosion of promiscuity, drug taking, hedonism and all the social ills and miseries which would go along with it.

Meanwhile marital divorce would soon become totally endemic – leaving a large percentage of children to grow up in broken homes, the infanticide popularly known as abortion would become a plague (with thousands and thousands of state approved baby killings each year).

Traditional British society, its culture, its institutions and its whole way of life were under attack. The youth had bought into a secular fundamentalist dream and the older wiser people were unable to resist them.

Over the next two decades fads and fashions came and went. Radical anti-man anti-family feminism would come and go – its replacement would first be laddism (drunken girls behaving like naughty male youths) and then soon after would follow the birth of a new sort of feminism which fitted in better with a highly sexualised consumer society. These new feminists would consider themselves liberated by such things turning themselves into supposedly empowered sex objects and would see nothing demeaning in dressing and otherwise behaving as harlots.

By the late1990’s the unwanted cultural Marxist takeover of Britain was almost complete and  organisations such as the Equal Opportunities Commission would act as enforcers in a crusade to try and eradicate negative views towards such things as homosexuality (even though such views were diametrically opposed to the actual view of the British population – when safely behind closed doors).

The organisations that would work to lobby for, promote and protect cultural Marxism would happily use brute force and the strong arm of the law. Following on we would see gay partnerships, then gay marriage and woe betides anyone who dares say that these things are wrong or simply impossible.

Today woe betides anyone who simply restates the traditional British or Abrahamic views on these subjects. Woe betides anyone says anything against sex outside marriage (are you against it? you must be a suspect weirdo and a neurotic prig).

Woe betides anyone who says anything against the idea of homosexual “marriage” (are you against it? you must be a homophobe who wants to kill all those sweet little gay best friends we see on TV – you must be a monster! you want a gay holocaust!).

Woe betides anyone who says anything about the the popularity of divorce, state-approved, socially-encouraged, mass-promiscuity, spiraling medical baby murder or any of the other cultural Marxist impositions foisted upon the British people by the likes of Tony Crosland and Roy Jenkins.

“It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“But a good look at permissiveness will tell us that, however much consent there may be, violence is always done to someone by permissive sex. In the long list of permissive “achievements” in the field of sex or sex-related conduct, it is very arguably true that quite a lot of moral violence is frequently done in the case of extra-marital affairs (violence done to one spouse’s right to expect loyalty from the other), and much more so in that of divorce (violence very often done to one of the spouses; and certainly to the children). Do the children normally consent to the divorce? Is tremendous violence not done to their desire that their mother and father should live together and learn to get on? And it is unanswerably true that the most extreme physical violence – the killing of an innocent child – is the essence of abortion. To legalize abortion is to legalize violence.”

“Besides, it is not only a matter of commonsense that pornography leads to violence. It is also, by now (sadly enough), a well-documented fact. One would do well to read Chapter Three of the Longford Report on Pornography (1978). Titled “Violence and Pornography,” that chapter points out how pornography tends more and more to present the violent – sadistic or masochistic – aspect of sex itself; how it has been consciously used as a means to foster political violence (as in Hitler’s Germany) or social instability (marxist tactics in Western countries); and how “hard-core” pornography fosters hatred, aggression and alienation and is clearly a main cause of the growing criminality and violence of our Western societies.”

Professor Cormac Burke

“The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts–a child–as a competitor, an intrusion and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the dependent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters. And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners.”

“If a mother can kill her own child – what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me – there is nothing between.”

Mother Theresa

“If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments.”
Zig Ziglar

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

Ronald Reagan

“This is a debate about out understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted. “

Henry Hyde

“The fight for the right to life is not the cause of a few, but the cause of every man, woman and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man.”

Dr Mildred Jefferson

“All tyranny needs to get a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” …. “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Edmund Burke

*Tony Crosland was also the inspiration behind the chimeric comprehensive school system (not as good as a grammar school in academic subjects nor as good as a secondary modern school in vocational ones) and behind the ending of the 11 plus system which had been a ladder towards meritocratic success for the intelligent people from less wealthy backgrounds. The removal of the Grammar School system would have the long term effect of nearly destroying Britain’s meritocratic successes – this has been greatly compounded by the introduction of university tuition fees (which has been effective in closing off many educational opportunities for the poor). 

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The Loch Ness Trollster?

The earliest recorded reference to something weird swimming around in Lock Ness is from way back in the Dark ages when the Celtic Christian Saint Columba told the beast off for biting people and apparently it worked as we hear of sightings but we never seem to hear of bitings!Through the ages, indeed through times in which (straight facedly) heroic knights were regularly recorded as killing wormes (big snakes/reptiles/dragons etc) records of sightings continued. During the 20th century sightings continued a photographs began to turn up.  Nessie has even been spotted quite clearly in aerial photographs. Suggested explanations for the sightings at Loch Ness include..

Fraud, practical jokes, naughty pranksters and irresponsible journalists…

Some claimed Nessie sightings can almost certainly be explained in terms of the above. Doesn’t the little boy or girl in you sometimes like to pull a prank? If you were a journalist sent to Loch Ness to come back with a story and under pressure to come home with something would you not consider plopping a plastic dinosaur in the the lake so that you can go back home and leave rainy old Scotland behind? However, the key Nessie sightings on the modern era were made by respectable trustworthy people, most of whom had little or nothing to gain by recounting their experiences (and many of the had plenty to loose – especially their good name).

Optical illusions & reflections, swirls from currents, driftwood & debris

These things could indeed explain some of the many distant ‘sightings of Nessie’ but they cannot explain the many up close and face to face encounters.

Shy, rare and unknown surviving plesiosaurs or similar ancient aquatic creatures…

There are many water based creatures from ancient times and so called living fossils. Of course such creatures must surely be offshore creatures and sea based – only visitors to the Loch which probably could not provide them with either space to hide or enough food. How such a creature should have got into Windermere recently is beyond me! Although Nessie is (according to many accounts and photographs) shaped like a plesiosaur descriptions of its movements often suggest that Nessie moves its spine in ways a plesiosaur could not have done…

Shy, rare and unknown plesiosaur shaped sea mammals …

This is much more likely than a plesiosaur Many mammals share similar forms to extinct ancient creatures. The dolphin and the ichthyosaurs and the rhino and the triceratops provide perfect examples of how the forms of animals fit into niches within the echo system and are shaped accordingly. The existence of the plesiosaur shape in the past may suggest that it is reasonable to imagine a plesiosaur shaped creature within the seal or sea cow families. Indeed some sightings and photos record Nessie as having whiskers and fur – very mammalian traits. As with the true plesiosaur it seems that such creatures must only be visitors to Loch Ness.

Swimming elephants!

This is not so bizarre as it seems as an explanation for some sightings, many described something like an elephants trunk popping out of the water (although they interpreted it as a head but an elephants nostrils could be mistaken for eyes). Elephants were once a common sight in the British countryside as one of the prime attractions of the traveling circuses. They like a swim and their trainers often encourage them in this. In a similar vein a shy, rare and unknown native aquatic elephant type sea cow creature is also some sort of a (rather miniscule) possibility. However some Nessie sightings and encounters were very definitely not with elephants of any sort.

Time slip, otherworldly portals or projections from the past…

Although way out of the world view or comfort zone of 95% of the Western population both of these are persistent themes in the accounts of human beings from many lands. Their true nature known only to the one who created the world. Time slips, portals from elsewhere or another time and projections from have been suggested as the explanation of many common apparitions or unusual experiences and the same arguments may be suggested as possible causes of the Nessie experience. Of these three ideas the projection argument has the issue of not being able to explain why this projection swims at current lake levels and is able to interact with plants and bushes etc.

Projections of the collective subconscious and/or semi-material shape changing beings (known as Trolls, Kelpies, Jinn etc)

Several long experienced Nessi hunters eventually came to the conclusion that Nessie was not an animal at all but rather some sort of supernatural being, projection or emanation.

People who hold one of these views often simultaneously hold the other, or stand somewhere in between. The key element of these perspectives is that Nessie is not a permanent physical being but rather a being of another sort entirely, whose reality and existence are not of the normal material type.

The great psychologist Carl Jung explained the UFO phenomenon in terms of generally being projections from the collective unconscious. A similar explanation may be made of the Nessie experience and this has some supporters.

Likewise Dr Jacques Vallee studied the UFO phenomenon and came to the conclusion that there is a continuity between the modern experience of supposed extra terrestrials and the historical experience of the world of faery (not the story book things with butterfly wings) the ones that people used to actually recount interacting with.

Ted Holiday was long a traditional Loch Ness hunter who firmly believed in the existence of a rare but normally physical being. Indeed he considered Loch Ness top be home to a creature that had  once been the reality behind many British dragon tales. However over the years he had stated to realise that there was something strange about Nessie, people tended to report being shocked, horrified or disgusted by the sight of it.

Furthermore he started to notice the great number of strange coincidences that tended to relate to the creature, especially ones that made taking photos of it tend to be very difficult. He learned of various occult happenings and experiences, UFO sightings, malevolent men in black and a whole range of other strangeness in the area, some of it focused around Boleskin House, Foyers – a place near where many Nessie sightings had occurred.   His thoughts would be published in The Goblin Universe some years after he passed away.

During the 1950s Tim Dinsdale had popularized the idea that Nessie is some sort of plesiosaur and he had filmed some of the best known footage. Yet two decades later fellow Nessie hunter Erik Beckjord visited Tim Dinsdale and found that he had over the years become certain that Nessie was not a true physical being.

In the time after he popularised the plesiosaur theory Tim Dinsdale had continued to watch the Loch and many a night he had uncanny experiences. Most unnerving was when he anchored his boat near Boleskin House, Aleister Crowley’s one time base of occult experimentation.  There he saw various unnerving sights which convinced him that  Holiday’s view had been correct after all.

Dinsdale had refrained from publicizing his change of view because of the financial and reputational woes that it would have likely caused him. Beckjord on the other hand was not afraid to promote this view and was thereafter shunned by fellow Nessie hunters as a result.

Unlike any of the other views this view accounts for why Nessie has variously been described (by normal sensible people) as a sea serpent, a slug, a snail, a creature with a face like a bulldog, a creature with a head and neck like an elephants trunk, a creature with whiskers, a creature that had skin like a snail, a creature that had fur, a creature that had coarse black hair on its neck, a creature with stumpy forelegs, a creature with flippers etc, etc, etc…

Anyone with a brain will realize that there’s something funny going on here… Either there is more than one type of mysterious creature in Loch Ness or this thing is a shape shifter and this is exactly what Eric Beckjord thinks it is and he has film to prove it. To be precise a 16mm film showing a white shape shifting thing and certainly not a reptile or a mammal. If Holiday, Dinsdale or Beckjord are correct the legend of Nessie will not likely be popularly understood until humanity (the Western branch of it at least) is ready to expand their minds to encompass whole realms of things that they have long been in denial of.

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Islam’s View of Asian Muslim Sex & Drug Gangs

In the past few years Rotherham and various other places small gangs of British Asian males have been connected to the systematic sexual abuse of gullible teenage girls, drugs and pimping. Racists and people of low intelligence have tried to connect their crimes to the beautiful religion of Islam and the wider British Muslim community.

These events are leaving race hate figures dreamy eyed and in an orgasmic as the spew ever more virulent blood libels against the Muslims and call for ever more hostility towards their communities at home and abroad. Most British people however have little idea of the actual realities of the situation.

In mainstream Islam a group of men who share a group of young girls for sexual purposes are undoubtedly criminals who (in a traditional Muslim society – non of which exist today) are fit only for the most severe punishments.

In mainstream Islam a group of men who deal drugs and give them to young people are undoubtedly criminals who (in a traditional Muslim society – non of which exist today) are fit only for the most severe punishments

In mainstream Islam a group of men who seduce, rape, intimidate and pimp out young girls  are undoubtedly criminals who (in a traditional Muslim society – non of which exist today) are fit only for the most severe punishments.

All these actions are in every way condemned by mainstream Islam. All real Muslims are sickened by the behaviour of these people, their whole lifestyles and their crimes.

There is no doubt about this reality – yet this truth has been almost completely hidden from the British public because real mainstream Muslims have little or no public voice in this country. The media from right to left know that Muslims are the new Jews and fury about scapegoats sells publications like hotcakes, why spoil a good thing with the reality that British Muslims are overwhelmingly law abiding citizens, people who give more to charity than average British citizens and good and trouble free neighbours.

The British Muslims and non-Muslims, with whom I have discussed this subject, would mostly be very happy for the members of these gangs to face capital punishment. Sadly the ruling class in Britain today – finds capital punishment distasteful. It isn’t the daughters of the ruling class who are being preyed upon though is it.