Ofsted’s War Against Religion

The British schools inspectorate organisation Ofsted has been engaged in a secular fundamentalist attack on Abrahamic religion for some time now. It began with a widely promoted and spurious plot related to Muslim ‘infiltration’ of Birmingham schools. Ofsted bigots probably consider it a success that despite vindication of the Birmingham schools the British people still talk and act as if Ofsted’s claims had been proven correct. Now the inquisitors of the ‘Ofsted inquisition’ have begun to turn against Christian and Jewish schools also, whilst widening their anti-Muslim agitation to London .

The National Association of Jewish Orthodox Schools (NAJOS) has described how Ofsted inspectors have traumatised young Orthodox Jewish girls by asking them about such things as sexual intercourse, boyfriends and homosexuality. The girls did not wish to talk about these things (taboos in their moral framework) but were cajoled by the inspectors into answering various inappropriate questions, leaving the girls feeling upset, that they had been bullied and that their religion had been threatened.

The director of NAJOS has said that this “confrontational approach by inspectors is a worrying trend never been seen before in the UK Jewish community.” Other Jewish educationalists have described a worrying trend in Ofsted’s approach they have described the feeling that their ethos is being undermined.

Meanwhile a small but respected Christian school has been down graded for failing to invite a leader from another religion to lead assemblies, but why on earth should they have to? There have been schools associated to different religious groupings in the UK for centuries and they have never been known for the practice of bringing in people from other religions, and this has never done any harm at all. It is just like expecting the Labour Party to invite Liberal Democrats and Conservatives to speak at their conference – bonkers.

Ofsted’s witch hunt bandwagon has also now moved its circus to London. The Ofsted Torquemadas have decided to feed a new flurry of tabloid hysteria by promoting a new Trojan horse fantasy concerning Tower Hamlets schools. Anyone who wants to understand the underlying psychology of the Islamophobic media frenzy in these Trojan Horse farces should make a deep and thoughtful reading of Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

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