During the Arab Spring heard a lot of talk about Democracy, earlier we have heard people talking about Islam and Muslims in relation to Democracy, but what is this Democracy that is being spoken of?

Democracy is the system of government in which political decisions are made by a popular vote, including all or part of the population. Muslims may thrive in a genuine liberal democracy (especially the Anglo-Saxon model – where there is freedom of religion and tolerance of differences).

Furthermore faith institutes Shura, which is Divinely ordained consultative government in which the people were given a vote in many areas even during a time of Prophetic guidance. The advantage of universal suffrage (a vote for everyone) is that it helps prevent corrupt elites from going to the worst excesses, yet at the same time it sometimes means that an ignorant populous with little understanding of political issues or right and wrong may be put in a position where they can influence government policy, on mass this can be disastrous and result in harmful and misguided governance, such as the election of Adolf Hitler (the murderer of millions) by the German people in free elections. Such things can be especially likely to occur when the populous is manipulated by a powerful and corrupt media.

Apply no salve to the wound


of an oppressor of the people.


He who had mercy upon a serpent


Knew not that it was an injury


to the Children of Adam.

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