Enttraditionalisierung refers the erosion of the traditional modes of being (including religion) that began in Humanist orientated societies where ideas of ‘freedom of choice’ devalue traditional civilizations systems. This process began in the late 19th century CE and it typically leads to a weakening or extinction of those traditional ideas, aspirations, beliefs, taboos and moralities from which societies once benefited as stabilizing forces leading to social cohesion and altruism.

Where the people in such societies have a strong Secular ideology to believe, such as the pseudo-religion of Communism with its misguided philosophy of Dialectical-Materialism, they may hold together, but without such bonds the result may often be existential angst and the Mass Neurotic Triad of depression, addiction (to drugs, consumer, free-sex, pornography etc) and aggression (which would lead to spiralling crime in the 20th and 21st centuries CE). The roots of all of this were born in the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ a the resultant growth of aggressive Secularism and the horrible beast that is Secular Fundamentalism. Secularism is basically just the ideology of those who believe in a separation of ‘church and state’.

Secularism may range between being rather benevolent in intentions to very horrible in intentions and effects. Usually it exists between these two poles. There have historically been two strands of Secularism. The Anglo-Saxon strand of Secularism is based upon the principle of the separation of Church (religious authority) and State (government), which developed as a result of British history – this is the Secularism of the UK, USA and other similar states – it is a Secularism that was traditionally not hostile towards religion. The French strand of Secularism was born out of the bloody French Revolution and it is based upon the state’s claim to authority across a far greater spectrum of human life than in the Anglo-Saxon model. It is a version of Secularism, which has often expressed hostility, intolerant-suppression and even violence towards religious people and institutions. It is the Secularism of the Secular fundamentalists.

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