Few Muslims Live in Houses of Wisdom

It seems to my simple mind that Muslims in the modern era seem to be leaning in two directions.

One large group of Muslims (somewhat like the Abbasids) runs after material things and rushes after scientific, technical, professional and business education. Yet if they forget about Islam they just turn their houses into homes of foolishness not houses of wisdom.

As a result the women amongst them may begin to wear revealing and alluring clothes in public, take up the hobbies of slander and back-biting, live to shop and fill their minds with obscene soap operas, whilst their men may enter various fields of work that God has cursed, they justify themselves with various excuses, driven on by greed and the tongue lashings from their wives. Many of these men and women even take up positions in usurious banks and insurance companies, laboratories of torture, monstrous armed forces or start to sell alcohol and swine in their restaurants. Their children or grandchildren often leave the fold of Islam completely.

This group is the most powerful political influence within the Muslim Ummah, they have no wisdom, but they have many sophists speaking on their behalf. As Saadi says…

When a sage comes in contact with fools, he must not expect to be honoured,

and if an ignorant man overcomes a sage in an oratorical contest,

it is no wonder, because even a stone breaks a jewel.

What wonder is there that the song of a nightingale ceases

when imprisoned with a crow

Or that a virtuous man under

the tyranny of vagabonds feels affliction in his heart and is irate.

Although a base stone may break a golden vase,

The price of the stone is not enhanced

nor of the gold lost.


Another large group of Muslims runs towards Allah, learning Islamic sciences, turning their back on the modern world and thinking only of the hereafter. Their homes are homes of wisdom, but their countries are weak and exist either as clients to powerful disbelievers or get stamped on and robbed by east or west. They fail in their duty as callers to true faith on account of their collective weakness and their children may lash out against their relative poverty by reaching for materialistic aspirations.

It is observable that a smaller but more effective Muslim leaning seeks both scientific and religious knowledge in harmony, they know that Prophet Muhammad (saws) gave us the imperative to seek knowledge even if it be in far away China and they know that worldly knowledge can only ever be the servant of Divinely Inspired knowledge, such as that which came from Prophet Muhammad (saws) the Seal of Prophecy and Mercy to the Worlds.

Of course, the above is just an observation, and one including some (necessary) stereotypes. There are of course many shades of grey in this issue.

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