Flee from Hypocrisy

In Islam hypocrisy often refers to those people who pretend to be Muslims in order to harm Islam. It is sometimes practiced by malevolent Westernized scholars and ignorant political figures in Muslim countries who hate Islam but know that their people will not accept a non-Muslim ruler. It is said that the main expressions of hypocrisy are to secretly refute the Holy Prophet (saws) and his Message, to have enmity towards him or some part of his Message, to feel happy when the Muslims are defeated or to feel sad when the Muslims triumph.

The signs of a hypocrite are that they lie, they break promises, are untrustworthy and are evil and insulting during disputes.

Another type of hypocrisy is the hypocrisy of pretending to be doing religious deeds for spiritual reasons when in fact you are doing them for worldly reasons…

A hermit, being the guest of a king,

ate less than he wished when sitting at dinner

and when he rose for prayers

he prolonged them more than was his wont to give the king a good opinion of his piety.

O Arab of the desert, I fear you wilt not reach the Ka’bah

Because the road

on which you are travelling

leads to Turkestan.

When the hermit returned home,

he desired the table to be laid out for eating.

He had an clever son who said:

‘Father, have you not eaten anything at the repast of the Sultan?’

The hermit replied: ‘I haven’t eaten anything to serve a purpose.’

The boy said:

‘Then likewise say your prayers again

as you have not done anything to serve that purpose.’

O you who shows virtues on the palms of the hand

But conceals your errors under the armpits

What wilt you buy, O vain-glorious fool,

On the day of judgement with such counterfeit silver?


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