Prophet Job (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) lived in the period around 600-500 BCE. It has been suggested that Job was a descendant of Prophet Isaac (as), but not of Prophet Jacob (as) and that therefore he was a cousin of, but not a member of, the people of Israel.

Whatever is the case Job was a pious and good man. He always served and obeyed his Lord God and he had tawwakul (trust in God) and sabr (patience) in God. He was among the most pious of servants.

God sometimes tests his servants so that they may prove themselves and because Job had so much trust and patience in his Lord and such a high spiritual state he was tested at a higher level.

Job was a rich and healthy man. He was strong in mind and in body and he had a lovely family. He had been rewarded with material, social and spiritual comfort in the world, but God was to test him with great trials.

He lost all his wealth, his family died and he became ill with uncomfortable sores all over his body. He was lonely and even the beggars and paupers started to look down upon him, but he always trusted and loved God.

For a long time he simply accepted what had happened without comment. He was immensely patient and trusting in the Mercy of his Lord he remained quiet accepting that many good things that God had given him had now gone.

Eventually and after much suffering Job appealed to his Lord.

He called out to his Creator how he had been afflicted with adversity, but he was still absolute in his awareness that God was the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

Job called to his Lord how he felt that Satan had inflicted suffering upon him and he heard a voice instructing him to strike the ground with his foot, a wonderful spring erupted and the voice explained that it was coolness and a soothing drink.

He drank from and bathed in the spring and the healing water soothed and healed the sores that had been afflicting him. Merciful Allah brought his wonderful, but deceased, family back to life and in an addition He miraculously awarded Job extra offspring who he had not had before.

The greatest gift of all that God gave Job in reward for passing his extreme test was the gift of a son who would one day be one of the Prophets of God and he was called Ezekiel (Dhul Kifli in Arabic).

(from an old blog of mine)

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