Wahhabi Extremists – Boko Haram – Engage in the Haram

Boko Haram those who embarrass Islam,

those who shame the Muslim ummah.

They say they promote the Shariah,

but they are far from the Sunnah.

They are gentle on themselves

but are harsh on others.

Their “Islam” is like a picture drawn by an angry child.

This murderous group of land pirates is the Islamophobes dream. Like the other extremist Wahhabi terror monstrosities they have shadowy origins and leadership, they behave without regard to the actual values or laws of Islam whilst proclaiming the Shariah. They carry out murderous attacks and so-called punishments on others when they are the ones to be punished. These harmful people act like a caricature of Muslims drawn by the most virulent and hateful enemy of the Muslims.

Boko Haram harm Muslims in West Africa and further afield in three ways.

1. They strengthen the hand of the enemies of the Muslims (across the globe) who wish to dehumanize and oppress the Muslim community.

2. They harm innocent people (Muslim and non-Muslim), ruin people’s lives, replace peace with war and destroy much when they have built nothing.

3. They make the work of inviting non-Muslims to Islam much, much harder. These people and their Kharijite lookalikes in al-Qaeda, ISIS and the like have done much to bring the name of the Muslims into disrepute with people who know no better.

Islam vs. Boko Haram

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Against Boko Haram

Al-Azhar vs. Boko Haram

Boko Haram not Guided by Islam

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