Extremist Schools?

Worried by UKIP successes the Tories recently decided to become the acceptable face of racism in Britain. Hence they set their henchmen off to publicly (and very loudly) beat the national scapegoats and pariahs.

Thereafter we see the politically inspired (media fed) Ofsted Trojan Horse fantasy. Ever since we have seen not only anti-Muslim but also increasing anti-Abrahamic attacks by Ofsted why?

Well the matter boils down to the very broad descriptions of “extremism” that were designed to allow Ofsted to find more (“red under the bed”) Muslim “extremists” in our midst and root them out, even where there aren’t any present. Coincidentally this new fantasy extremism happens to threaten British religious Jews and Christians as well. Hence in 2014 it is now claimed that separate boys and girls play times  in Christian schools are extremism — what next? are we going to have a ban on single sex schools from these liberal fascists or maybe mandatory indoctrination in a new catechism of political correctness, secular fundamentalism and atheism? 

That whole school is tainted with extremism. However, swap watching TV or listening to the radio with praying, and you will find similar statements would have been made by a large percentage of mainstream British school pupils, especially if we go back to the 1970s and before.  Therefore whose British values are we talking about? real British values as have been held by British people for an appreciable period of time or cultural Marxist values that have been increasingly imposed upon British people as time has gone on?

Indeed it started as an issue of the persecution of the Muslims, but now it has spread to the religious Jews and Christians. Trace these developments down the line with a knowledge of history and the presence of figures such as Richard Dawkins and one possible outcome is…
…that after the last British Madrassa has been closed for the extremism of promoting traditional Muslim values and other banned ideas…
…the last Yeshivsa has been closed for promoting traditional Jewish values and other banned ideas…
…and the the last Sunday School closed for promoting traditional Christian social values and other banned ideas…
…then we will have reached that totalitarian reality that George Orwell warned us about in 1984 or  Ray Douglas Bradbury warned us about in Fahrenheit 451 and the true values of Britain will then have been completely eradicated and this island will have been lost to the utmost evil, that darkness, horror and misery to which unopposed totalitarian secular fundamentalists always sink when they have managed to burn down everything that carries light and blessings in a place.

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