Marie Stopes – Feminist Heroine or NAZI Psychopath?

Who was Marie Stopes? Mr and Mrs Mainstream Media Dream-Mind Answer…Marie Stopes, a heroin of the modern age, a feminist, an author, a pioneer of birth control and a doctor of science. There are statues to her, charities named after her, blue placques on the houses in which she lived and even on Manchester University in her memory. She was elected “Woman of the Millennium” in 1999. Her face is on stamps and many schoolgirls are told that she is an ideal role model.  She helped people by setting up advice centers for pregnant women. Mr and Mrs Facts and Common Sense Answer…Marie Stopes, was a very, very evil woman.

  • She was a NAZI eugenicist who disowned her son because he married a woman who wore glasses (she considered it a moral crime for people with glasses to pass on their genes).
  • She was a racist NAZI who campaigned for the compulsory sterilization of mixed race people.
  • She was an elitist NAZI who campaigned for the compulsory sterilization of “C3” people  (people who were designated as being lowly and less worthy than the rest of society).
  • She was  a murderous NAZI who wrote love letters to Hitler, even during the holocaust. She wrote him poems against Jews, Russians and Catholics.
  • Her slogan in 1921 was “Joyful and Deliberate Motherhood, A Safe Light in our Racial Darkness“.
  • In 1925 she declared that she hoped to destroy the tradition of organized Christianity (she probably had a similar attitude towards all three Abrahamic religions).
  •  In 1919 this monster wrote to the National Birth Rate Commission calling for enforced sterilization of the diseased, the drunk and those of bad character (who decides who is of bad character? who decides which people are to be classed as diseased? did she not know that many wonderful people have been the offspring of drunks?).
  • She wanted to “ensure the sterility of the hopelessly rotten and racially diseased” she wanted to achieve in the British Isles “a new and irradiated race” and  she talked scathingly of the “puny and utterly unsatisfactory” offspring of the poor.
  • She was a monster who visited NAZI Germany and attended NAZI eugenics conferences alongside people who would enact the NAZI holocaust of “undesirables” (the disabled, Jews, Gypsies etc).
  • Stopes returned home to start her own holocaust of unborn “undesirables” and would use every method to trick pregnant “undesirables” into having their babies killed. This is a process that still continues worldwide in the Marie Stopes ‘birth control advice centers’. Today the Marie Stopes organization is involved in hundreds of thousands of killings of unborn children each year. Indeed, nowadays killing unborn babies is big business.

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