Q. When is Religiously Aggravated Assault not Religiously Aggravated Assault?

A. When the victim is George Galloway MP.

Poor old George Galloway. He may be a fan of Karl Marx, he may have gone on creepy Big Brother and pretended to be a cat, he may sometimes say things that get him into trouble, but he did not deserve to be beaten by Neil Masterson Jewish convert and Zionist fanatic.

Shortly after threatening George Galloway via his Facebook this Zionist thug just happened to “accidentally” bump into his object of venom (do we believe that this was not premeditated?) and proceeded to beat him up whilst insinuating that he was a NAZI.

George Galloway described (in a Dail Mail article) how he stopped to allow to Moroccan admirers to take a photograph of themselves with him when he saw Masterson powering towards him “like a bat out of hell”. He described how “He laid into me and was effing and blinding [cursing] about the Holocaust. He looked like the type who works out and moved very fast. He punched me so many times I kept thinking, ‘When is this going to stop?’ “But it didn’t.”

Galloway went on to point out that “Regardless of his motives, I have no regrets about speaking out on issues like Israel and the Middle East. We live in a democracy, and as someone who has been elected as an MP on six occasions, I have a right to voice my opinions.”

This 39 year old Zionist thug, a former manager at the BBC, severely beat the 60 year old MP causing severe facial injuries, bruising and a broken rib. George Galloway was treated at St.Mary’s Hospital in Paddington before being released to limp home.

Masterson also assaulted a good Samaritan who tried to protect the Member of Parliament from this brutal attack.  Neil Masterson (who deserves the epithet of Zionist terrorist) admitted the two counts of assault that had been brought up against him at Isleworth Crown Court and he was given a 16 month jail sentence (he will probably serve only part of this).

George Galloway was left puzzled at the failure of the court system to recognize that this was indeed an obvious case of religiously aggravated assault (which would have brought a much longer sentence). He said of the verdict “I fail to see why that charge was dropped given that he was wearing an IDF (Israel Defence Force) T-shirt and screaming about Israel and me.”

The facts of the matter are Neil Masterson converts to Judaism (a religion), considers Israel to be the homeland of the Jews and physically attacks a man who criticizes Israeli excesses and the British legal establishment does not consider this assault to have been religiously motivated.

We all know with near absolute certainty that if Neil Masterson had been a similarly thuggish covert to Islam who assaulted a MP who was known as a loud vocal supporter of Zionism then it would have been considered a clear case of religiously aggravated assault and the sentence would have been far longer than 16 months.

Many people will suspect that the truth, however, is that the whole idea of heavy sentences for religiously aggravated assault was designed with one community in mind and it was never intended for the likes of Neil Masterson. Meanwhile George Galloway is a rebel against the British ruling classes (economic, political and media), rather than being shocked by this brutal attack many of them were filled with glee.

At the end of the day you can have a legal system based upon justice and fairness which deals with all people equally based upon the established laws or you can have a system that is influenced by various prejudices and which treats some cases very differently from others. I know which of these options I prefer.

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