If UKIP are Britain’s Protectors We’re in Trouble

Europe as a bureaucratic superstate is a deep threat to Britain, its traditions and its values. There is no doubt about this. With the threat of TTIP even the EU’s veneer of European civilized benevolence is fading. If Europe cannot even protect us from GM crops or ensure workers rights then what good is there in it at all?

Joining the EU is like going for a car ride with a kidnapper – if you don’t get out while you can you may end up loosing your liberty and much more. Once the EU superstate gets tied together with legally indivisible bonds (as is the goal) then British people who want their freedom will be dissidents who will end up with the standard choices that dissidents face (submit or face punishment – resist politically and face harassment from the system, resist by direct action and face prison, resist by force and die).

So who are our protectors against this European Superstate? They certainly aren’t the main parties. Who is standing up to protect British freedom? Who are our champions in this hour of need?

Sadly it seems that it is a bunch of xenophobes, free market capitalists and crypto-fascists lead by what Russel Brand called “a poundshop Enoch Powell” who are Britain’s champions and they seem to be a little ship manned by a motley crew. Every few months they expel some new fruitcake for calling for compulsory abortion of the disabled, for disgusting racist remarks or some other crime against public taste and decency. Sadly the ones who are expelled are not lone nut-jobs, but rather they are people who voice views shared by many others in the party.

The much abused UKIP leader Nigel Farage is indeed a fan of Enoch “Rivers of Blood” Powell, however I’m not sure who I prefer – this affable former Thatcherite with all his faults or the British mass media that mobs against him and his supporters – attacking in a war of attrition, pecking like an immense flock of birds protecting their chicks from a predator, but the main chick they are protecting is the EU and the egg from which it hatched was laid by a cuckoo (Tory Prime Minister Edward ‘sold Britain to the EEC for a boat’ Heath).

Their pecking disturbs me because I’m pretty sure that even if UKIP was not xenophobic, even if it was not thoroughly infiltrated by people with unpleasant racist views, even if UKIP was a politically mainstream party that kept its focus upon saving Britain from EU slavery – the media would still be attacking, because at the end of the day there are powerful capitalist forces behind the EU project who are (sadly) having more success than the powerful (sleeping) forces that support the liberty, freedom and independence of the British nation.

It is almost certain that UKIP cannot save Britain from the EU on its own, but it can serve to build up racist hatred and xenophobia and make life in Britain less pleasant. It has created a popular forum for angry people, those with authoritarian personality complexes, those with grudges and chips on their shoulders and this is dangerous. Britain needs another champion to save it from the decimalised, busybody, Napoleonic tyranny of the EU chimera.

snoring begins…

…..“Deep in secret labs hidden in the English countryside the great British defenders against European threats including King Arthur, Hereward the Wake, the Duke of Wellington, Horatio Nelson, Hugh Gaitskell, Michael Foot and Tony Benn are being painstakingly cloned, regrown in test tubes and retrained to establish a non-partisan group for British Independence from Europe that may one day sweep through the houses of Parliament removing all traces of pro-superstate Vichyism”….

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