What is the Socially Conservative Left?

Very briefly…

The socially conservative left is a thoroughly underrepresented group to many people lean towards, including myself.

Socially conservative left wingers may feel positively towards such traditionally left wing ideas as the welfare state, fair trade, social democracy, cooperativism, trade union rights and environmentalism. They are also likely to support sensible public ownership of key utilities and some industries within a balanced mixed economy. Some socially conservative left wingers may consider them to be socialists (often ethical socialists, Christian socialists and/or liberal socialists) others may be hostile to the term socialism due to its association with Marxism and anti-traditionalism.

Many socially conservative left wingers are likely to be repulsed by Marxism, overly liberal social attitudes, secular fundamentalism, anti-traditionalism and anti-family feminism. Socially conservative left wingers tend to strongly reject the harmful parts of the ideology the “New Left”, which they may correctly see as the usurpation of the left by a collective of libertines.

Socially conservative left wingers may be strongly attracted to such socially conservative ideas as traditionalism, family values, small business, private property, moderate patriotism and if they are British then they are probably firm monarchists. Yet at the same time they will probably be repulsed by other ideas championed by the right such as uncontrolled free-trade capitalism, economic neoliberalism, national asset stripping, greed is good thinking, trickle down economics, intolerant nationalism and xenophobia.

Socially conservative left wingers tend to be affiliated to a religious tradition, but this is not always the case. Perhaps most are active or nominal Christians and there is a particularly strong history of social conservative left wing thought within the Catholic tradition, but it is also natural inclination for traditional minded people be they Jews, Muslims, Parsis or of any other leaning which promotes both family values and social conscientiousness.

If the socially conservative left actually became an organised political force, in Britain and other countries, it would be no bad thing.


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