Terrorism is a Mental Illness

Most Muslims are not Wahhabis and most Wahhabis are not extremists, most Wahhabi extremists are not Wahhabi Kharijites and most Wahhabi Kharijites* are not Wahhabi Kharijite terrorists, although they may lean towards it… but, TV will not (generally) tell you this.

So who are the Wahhabi Kharijite terrorists other than a small group of people who are supported and manipulated as a geopolitical tool by various national and international powers for their own geopolitical and economic reasons?

The crimes of the Wahhabi Kharijite terrorists such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram serve the dubious interests of many people, but those people are mostly non-Muslims, some are those most hostile towards the Muslims.

These neo-Kharijites have two types of victims – the first are those non-Muslims and Muslims who they oppress, attack, maim or kill (and they do indeed harm many more Muslims than they harm non-Muslims) along with the generally well intentioned young people who they dupe and use as cannon fodder… … the second type of victims are Muslims anywhere who are attacked, abused and insulted by the unpleasant and misguided people amongst the non-Muslims – who have been given an “excuse” to let out their nasty side upon socially demonized scapegoats. These people now feel ‘justified’ and free and are able…

  • to hate Muslims,
  • to abuse Muslims,
  • to legislate against Muslims,
  • to ritually insult them,
  • to ban their symbols,
  • to ban their clothes,
  • to persecute them,
  • to attack them,
  • to lie about them,
  • to insult their Prophet (saws),
  • to portray them as a ‘feared other’,
  • to promote false stereotypes about them,
  • to bomb them and invade their countries,
  • to oppress them or torment them
  • to take their natural resources…

…and none of this could happen so easily if it was not for the actions of the Wahhabi Kharijite terrorists…  …and it seems that these people thrive on the suffering of the Muslims which so swells their ranks with new recruits who are created by every non-Muslim knee-jerk reaction… …and so to the demagogues of Islamophobic hate and the arms manufacturers for whom the ‘War on Terror’ has been a time of rapid expansion and growth… …and as new nutjobs will continue to spring up on both sides it seems that this unpleasant affair will continue until even the simplest people are able to understand how humanity is being set against itself for the dubious benefits of a few… …when humanity would do much better working harmoniously… …interacting for mutual benefit and without compulsion……and all that is required is a change in the popular level of consciousness, from material to spiritual… …and then wonderful things may happen.

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