Russel Brand on Fox and Charlie Hebdo

Russell Brand Britain’s favourite celebrity YouTube revolutionary has recently taken on the “Sith Lords” of Fox News. When Islamophobic hatemonger Jeanine Pirro launched into a virulent tirade, calling for a bloody response to the Charlie Hebdo murders, Brand warned that she was promoting “the same energy” as the Parisian terrorists.

Brand was reacting against Pirro’s calls for the USA to “bomb them, bomb them, and bomb them again”, knowing full well that these bombings usually tend to kill innocents not the guilty. He warned that Jeanine Perro was reflecting the same harmful energy as the Charlie Hebdo killers. He warned against Perro’s rant, explaining… “while it’s obviously not as violent or as gory or as terrible, it’s equally damaging (as the actions of the terrorists), because it’s insidious and it has great reach, and she’s operating on behalf of people with their own ideologies and there are consequences.”

He has already clashed with Rupert ‘Sauron’ Murdoch’s Fox News. This time he exclaimed “it’s not like he’s a racist Grandad where you think… ‘Oh, it’s just granddad, he’s from another time”… it’s different if your Grandad owns a multi-trillion dollar media organization and has investments in energy companies that will benefit from further military activity abroad, that requires the malignment and hatred of Muslims and Muslim nations and the dehumanization of Muslims to continue.”  thus hitting the nail square on the head.

Russel Brand called upon people to “see beyond the distinctions and the camouflage of identity and language and recognize hatred for what it is.” He called on human beings to stop fortifying the boundaries and borders between them and criticized violence from where it comes, the terrorists indeed being “violent maniacs who are murdering people”, but “state-sponsored violent maniacs murdering people from the sky all over Pakistan, and all over Iraq” also as a result of US policies.

If asked, a few years ago I would have described Russel Brand as a dandy Casanova and a product of a modern Britain gone wrong. Today he is an independent thinking political observer who often gets things right. The world is full of change, it always has been and it probably always will be. Nowadays many of the changes seem to be for the worse, but Russel Brand’s development seems to be a shining exception to that trend.

Brand on Fox & Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo, Whose Fault is It?


“The young, bewildered, pitiable men that carry out these atrocities probably at the behest of older, power hungry men do not speak for Islam or Muhammad or Allah.”

“This language has nothing to do with the God I believe in or the God any of the Muslims I know believe in.”

“These men of murder are the symptom of a creed that lies as far away from God as is possible to conceive and do not represent Islam anymore than George Bush, Tony Blair and Halliburton represented Christianity,”

“Terrorism is wrong, killing people is bad, but that has to mean ALL types of terrorism – who gets to define what terrorism means? Who gets to decide what violence is necessary?”

– Russel Brand

Rupert Murdoch & Charlie Hebdo

One thought on “Russel Brand on Fox and Charlie Hebdo

  1. …However…Russel Brand’s declared solution to the problems of the current system is that everyone should give up voting…this is a very dangerous idea because voting is the current access to power for the common people, whilst the rich have access to power via lobbying and other means. If the common people stop voting it will only dis-empower them, whilst the rich would almost certainly not stop lobbying nor would they stop using the other meas of influence that money can buy.

    …Furthermore some (mostly American) people say that he is a disingenuous, luciferian “New World Order shill”, because of his particular agenda or his former connections to Katy “Illuminati” Perry or his indirect connections to the Rothschild family with their mountains of gold etc… Indeed he could be such a thing…but then again there is a quite large possibility that he isn’t…and that he is actually seeking to do his own thing…

    …You cannot be sure that he isn’t simply rebelling against an economic and political system that he felt …alienated by… and neither can you be sure that in his own Russel Brand way that he isn’t simply expressing the broadly left wing ideas that are common amongst people who went to drama school in England when he did (in the 1980’s and 1990’s many of the British Comedians who were loved by the youth spent their time attacking the Right Wing government and promoting Left Wing norms)… Russel brand has always been quite open about his need for adulation and an audience. Put the need for adulation together with some actual sentiments and the need to be a rebel and these factors are quite enough to explain the genesis of Russel Brand as a politically campaigner, without people necessarily needing to resort to any other theories…


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