Saudi Has a New King

King Abdullah has passed away and his half brother King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud his risen to the Saudi throne. It was Salman (no connection to Ron Salmon of the SNP) who oversaw Riyadh’s development into the modern city of sky scrapers that it is.

King Salman was governor of Riyadh province for half a century. He was more recently the Saudi minister for defense. He is both a philanthropist and a promoter of philanthropy. He is a figure who is expected to focus on stability and security rather than reformism. Indeed he is closer to the Ulema (religious scholars) of the Kingdom than his predecessor as.

King Salman has been considered to be a natural diplomat, yet he is also capable of taking direct action and he  has previously directed the Saudi military when it launched air strikes against the Un-“Islamic State” terrorists in 2014.

His earlier life he supported the Afghan resistance against Soviet invasion (giving up to $25,000,000 per month at the height of the conflict). He also supported the Bosnian people against the murderous Serbian aggression and genocide that was inflicted upon them.

King Salman’s sons include Prince Sultan who was the first Muslim astronaut, Prince Faysal the governor of Madinah and Prince Khaled, a fighter pilot who has seen action against the Un-“Islamic State” terrorists. However, the new Saudi crown prince is King Salman’s half-brother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, the youngest of the (living) sons of King Abdulaziz.
Muslims around the world are hoping the King Salman will undo recent policies that have lead to the wiping out of the architectural heritage of the Hijaz and that historical sites relating to the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to the revelation of the Holy Qur’an may be restored (not as sites for idolatry but as museums where those who love Islam may gain an insight and a closeness to the era of the Last Revelation).

One thought on “Saudi Has a New King

  1. A story is circulating about the last Saudi King (King Abdullah), which is probably an exaggeration, but it has made a lot of people smile. In the story King Abdullah was visiting the Queen (of England) and she wanted to show him one of her country estates. King Abdullah was invited to get into the front passenger seat of a 4WD and his bodyguard a rear seat. He as just settling himself down when in hopped the Queen, started it up and took him on a whizzing journey through windy lanes that left him feeling a little queasy, not least – or so the story goes – because he had never been in a car driven by a woman before, such a thing being strongly against Saudi custom.


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