Dumb Culture, Dumb Schools, Dumb People

Dumb TV zombies – the people of the future if the corrupt get their way. Read John Taylor Gatto https://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ on education in America and the West in general and you will hear a sorry story of a situation of what I could only describe as a deliberate dumbing down. It all works to favour the Big Corporations because dumb people make great consumerists and rarely notice that the system does not work for most people. Below is a nice post describing the toxic fallout leaking from “modern” education.

Lee Duigon

If you can’t keep up the culture, you can’t keep anything. You can’t have a republic of dummies. Know-nothings are not able to maintain a modern economy.

But Scholastic Books seems intent on applying the art of bonsai to the human mind. The bonsai artist creates little tiny trees. The cultural bonsai artist creates little tiny minds.

You know you’re getting there when adult crossword puzzles have to be taken off the market because nobody out there is able to do them.

I’ve been reading the first two books in Scholastic’s Wings of Fire series. These fantasy novels, pitched to Young Readers, are all about dragons. Dragons are, we would think, very different from human beings. But the dragons in these books say things like:

“Ew, that’s gross!” “Awwwwww, how cute!” “You guys.” A sadistic monster character is described as “mean.” And here’s an immortal line of dialogue from Book…

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How does one explain these photos?

The photo in this re-blogged post shows supposed “Muslims” praying together in various directions, which is something pretty weird as the Muslim Qibah is only one direction. No Muslim that I know of do such a strange thing so who are these people? are they fakes or pretenders, or is it that they are just showing their actual complete ignorance of the religion of Islam?

Rasool ur-Rahmah (The Messenger of Mercy)

How does one explain these photos? Considering they are always covering their faces, do you believe that ISIS has been set up by s sinister non Muslim source to try and make Muslims look like barbaric savages?


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John Ruskin, a very brief intro…

“There is opposition between Liberals and Illiberals. I am a violent Illiberal; but it doesn’t follow that I must be a Conservative.”

John Ruskin (1819-1900)

I like Ruskin. Having spent quite a few hours on various rainy days, some time back, gawping at the Ruskin Collection, ogling at his paintings, artifacts and specimens, pawing at the few pieces of his collections that the public are allowed to touch I gained a renewed fondness for this Victorian art writer, general thinker and  “Reactionary” Socialist.

Ruskin was a popular public figure of his day and very influential amongst the early British Labour movement. A poll of the Independent Labour Party, in the early 1900’s brought to light Ruskin as the greatest influence upon the Party’s members.

Ruskin was repulsed by the ugliness and cruelty of industrialization, nor could he abide a system that caused the deprived lives that the urban poor lived. Equally, he couldn’t stand the spreading urbanization that he saw devouring the British countryside and on all these counts I have always felt a great affinity to him.

From an aesthetic point of view contrasted the ugliness of the industrial age with the beauty of that before it. Like his good friend William Morris he saw individual creativity and craft work as so much more healthy than the dehumanized manufacturing processes of industry.

Ruskin rejected laissez-faire Capitalism and the philosophy of free trade (yes the awful things revived by the Neo-Liberals). He rejected the base motivations of the money-men with their nonsense philosophy of “enlightened selfishness”. Instead he proposed that we needed a society not based upon production for profit – but rather upon production purely for the benefit of humankind.

He believed in a paternal bond between the employer and the employee and he rejected prevalent ideas about the nature of wealth and about its value. For him real wealth was not money or property, rather it was that which contributes to the benefit of human beings – Capitalist wealth (which was acquired through the suffering of the poor workers) was thus thoroughly devalued for him.

“to leave this one great fact clearly stated: there is no wealth but life, including all its powers, of love, of joy, and of admiration”.

Ruskin hoped that a noble class of paternalistic, benevolent, philanthropic industrialists could arise and replace the greedy blood suckers who made their money through the suffering of others*. Yet he was not at all satisfied with the industrial state of affairs and he hoped to encourage a return to a simpler more agrarian way of life in Britain.

(* his good friend William Morris (1834-1896) took things a little further and considered it a good idea for the workers to have control through  common ownership and democratic decision making – of course one good means of doing this with freedom from the state is through workers cooperatives)

John Ruskin was closely connected to the great British thinker and polymath Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) who became an effective second father to him. Thomas Carlyle was also a type of Reactionary or “Feudal” Socialist and these two strongly ethical men shared many ideas and had a deep intellectual harmony (despite the fact that one was an Evangelical and the other a Secular Deist). It has been said that Carlyle’s greatest achievement was in fact Ruskin.

Ruskin was one of the main sagely figures of the British popular imagination during his lifetime, but when he passed away in 1900 the public memory of this inspirational man suddenly faded, his politics, his aesthetics and his persona were left behind in the Victorian era. The world moved on towards our modern age. It was a pity that they didn’t take more notice of his advice.

Anyway more on Ruskin later God-willing…

“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small parcel.”

“It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”

“I believe that the first test of a great man is his humility. … really great men have a curious feeling that the greatness is not of them, but through them. … and are endlessly, foolishly, incredibly merciful.”

John Ruskin

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1984 Here We Come!

In George Orwell’s dystopian future novel 1984 British society has fallen under the sway of tyrants and is no longer a free and independent country. Omnipresent government surveillance watches over all, whilst psychological manipulation of the populous and the rewriting of history to suit the current whims of the elites are the order of the day. Freedom of thought and speech have been replaced with an official line – anyone who deviates from which is guilty of “Thought Crimes”. When I first experienced this story I thought “what a terrible system thank God I live in a free society” and then basically forgot all about it. I certainly didn’t think that any such reality would be coming to the West any time soon, but I was wrong.  Now I am pretty sure that we are well down the road in this wrong direction also. In the West we now see…

  • The plebeian Proles controlled by keeping them satisfied with food, alcohol, the lottery and pornography (Bread and Circuses)
  • Detention Without Trial
  • A Revival of Torture
  • The Suspension of the Right to Trial by Jury
  • In Britain we see the schools told to spy on Muslim children as young as three to monitor them for extremism
  • Newspeak through which the mainstream media controls opinion through manipulative language use
  • Newspeak in which common languages is changed and distorted according to PC Liberal fascism
  • A proliferation of security cameras (Big Brother is Watching You)

We often hear that everywhere in Britain and Western society in general is absolutely full of security cameras. I have heard that we have more here than anywhere else, but at the moment this doesn’t really concern me all that much. They do have their uses. What does concern me is the growing fascistic tendencies of people whom I could only describe as a “illiberal liberal thought police” who have established a new set of “values” to which people must adhere which replace (and in many cases make illegal traditional) traditional British values, indeed Western values.

One big fat example of Big Brother’s “progress” and his Crusade against tradition is how a long established taboo has been forcefully removed from the populous and those who still consider it to be a taboo have effectively been criminalized…   Quite simply “don’t mess with the Gay defenders!”

In Britain’s swinging sixties the Labour Harold Wilson government was at the helm of a number of social reforms. One of these was a decriminalization of homosexual activity between men over 21 (lesbian activity was never illegal in Britain). Up until 1967 homosexual sexual activity was a crime in Britain and similar laws existed elsewhere until the past few decades. Homosexual acts in private between consenting men over the age of 21 were decriminalized in Britain not because of popular approval, but rather because of a feeling amongst the theologians and political thinkers consulted that the law was not there to punish sin and that it was unkind and uneconomic to continue to use the law against these men (and also of course because Roy Jenkins was rather fond of the odd homosexual act himself – if you like something that is currently against the law then why not become Home secretary and simply change it!).

This change in the law was certainly not based upon some sudden popular sea change or U-turn. There is no doubt at all that before the past few decades people were near overwhelmingly hostile to homosexual acts. The overwhelming majority of Christians and other religious people saw them as sinful and the majority of non religious people found them distasteful. Therefore its not surprising that these views have continued amongst the sections of society which the “progressive” cultural Marxist educationalists have failed to “illuminate”. Indeed the tables have been turned completely and whereas we once saw homosexuals frightened to reveal their true thoughts and leanings now it is that Christians, traditionalists and various types of religious people are afraid to say that they think that homosexual acts aren’t “their cup of tea”. The liberation of the Gays has seen an inverse suppression of the free speech of Christians and other social conservatives.

This to the extent that whenever social conservatives (generally old people and religious Christians) repeat the traditional or religious views with which they were brought up they are in great danger of prosecution or persecution from the state, schools and colleges, employers and other institutions…and so we see cases such as that of poor old small hoteliers Hazelmary and Peter Bull of Cornwall refused to let homosexual partners stay in the same bedroom in their hotel cum home and were prosecuted and fined for holding true to their religious beliefs – they simply didn’t want to be involved in what they saw as the mens sin…or when poor old Helen and Joe Roberts of Fleetwood Lancashire were threateningly questioned by the police after asking the council if they could place Christian leaflets warning against homosexuality alongside gay rights leaflets…and if it would not be boring and upsetting I would make a very long list of such cases (in fact I did but then I just deleted it on the aforementioned grounds) … and not only are the actual social conservatives under threat – in England Oxford university a cheeky young undergraduate called Sam Brown was arrested and fined for asking a police man if his horse was gay!?!

We are not talking about people called for anyone to abuse gays, or people who threw stones at gays, or people who spat at gays, or who beat them up or scratched their cars… …or committed any actual hate crimes or even any particular nastiness at all against gays. Indeed none of them said they supported hate crimes against gays – so what were their crimes then? Essentially they were guilty of thought crimes.  They were guilty of maintaining an ancient taboo (going back through their forefathers into time immemorial) that had been outlawed by fascistic Liberals to whom all alternatives to their own values are an evil that must be eradicated (and this is one example of many similar issues). So why has this happened?

It happened of course because Big Brother and the Thought Police have already slipped in the back door. They told us that they were Liberal. They told us that they wanted to Liberate us, but then they started to behave in a more and more controlling way. They were like the sociopathic husband type we sometimes see in an afternoon American TV movie. At first he seems like a dream man, even too good to be true, a new man, a great dad for the heroine’s kids. Yet once he’s fully established the mask starts to slip and he reveals himself as a psychopathic controller and abuser.

It all started off beautifully. We were going to be liberated and free, we were going to benefit from a caring liberal society, everyone was going to be happy with their new consumer goods and new sexual freedoms. Many people thought that they were going to consume and hump their way into an “earthly paradise”.

Of course that was back when people could say what they wanted on social matters and thought that this would continue, that was before the government micro-management of people’s lives, before the institution of oppressive laws, before the breakdown of the community feeling, the breakdown of the family, spiraling venereal diseases, burglar alarms, locked doors, no go areas, drug addicted zombies, mass prostitution, gangs of violent teenagers, binge drinking…that was before police men started driving tanks, carting machine guns and getting suited up in armour..

Now don’t get me wrong Britain, Europe, America they are still paradise compared to somewhere like China or North Korea which seem to have taken 1984 as a conscious inspiration, but as Hillaire Belloc warned us long ago in the “Servile State” – we have ended up with the worst bits of Socialism (a highly controlling and micro-managing state) and the worst bits of Capitalism (namely massive and growing inequality). Indeed the only bit that Belloc got wrong was that he thought that our slavery would be comfortable as a means of control – it’s getting less and less comfortable.

1984 here we come!

How much is a ticket to Fiji?

A Deep and Poignant Response to the Tragic Killings in North Carolina


Reading U.S. and world news feels like rubbing sandpaper on my skin until it bleeds. Raising young kids, my tolerance level for the anger-and-hatred-filled news has gone down to nothing, but important stories still filter through—like the tragic shooting deaths last week of three outstanding Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

But I could only glance at this story of monumental heartbreak. That is, until I read the words of my wonderful friend Tisha, who lives in the Raleigh–Durham, North Carolina area.

Tisha’s kindergarten friend Saba had posted a link on Facebook to a powerful opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune, “Will Muslims ever be part and parcel of America?” In response, Tisha wrote the message below to her friend Saba, and she generously gave me permission to share it.

[Tisha’s mother, a psychiatrist and another wonderful woman, worked with Dr. Abu-Salha, the father of the…

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