Anti-Monarchists in the British Media

Today I thought I would see what is going on in the world so as I often do I typed “news” into Google and along with various other sites up came the online version of Daily Mail. Now the Daily Mail is generally considered to be a “conservative” paper (despite the ever-presence of bikini clad celebrity stories). Sadly, like the rest of the British media, it is nowadays polluted by the poisons of anti-traditionalism. The anti-traditionalists spend much of their time attacking religion, the Monarchy is their second favourite target.

In line with this trend the first article that I noticed was a snidey article on Prince Charles. To me it tasted of thinly veiled contempt disguised with a minimal sugar coating of fawning in quote marks. This uncomfortable piece gave hints at Charles committing crimes so severe as pointing out that as the British Empire no longer exists it is silly to continue handing out OBE honours (Order of the British Empire) and as suggesting that after honours are handed out that the recipients should be invited to a party at Buckingham Palace, amongst other things.

The accompanying photographs seem maliciously chosen and the article slipped in the constant press-mantra that he is “a prince often accused of meddling in national affairs”, but what is a prince to do other than to seek to influence national affairs for the better? The reality is that the critics of Prince Charles wish he were a Madam Tussaud’s waxwork and nothing more. They don’t want a Monarchy, they want a tourist attraction.

The type of anti-Royalty coverage mentioned above has been going on for a long time, even in papers with a Monarchist readership (indeed 80% or more of British people are Monarchists), but I was a little surprised to see just how low things can get. The site featured an aggressive article  attacking Princess Beatrice without a hint of balance or any attempt to hide its republican agenda.

So what did the article try to paint this grand daughter of the Queen as?

Royal critics have likened Princess Beatrice to a ‘benefits scrounger” – Yes they have but they are very silly to do so and with equal accuracy we could liken them to cannibals.

“she has taken three holidays abroad in barely a month.” – Of course she has, she’s a princess. These people don’t object to their pantheon of celebrities living the jet set high life, just to the sixth in line to the British Throne.

“Anti-monarchy campaigners say she should not receive public subsidies unless performing royal duties” – So? who cares what this collection of Marxists and Europhiliacs think.

What was placed smack in the middle of an article? –  a video suggesting that North Korea’s attack on Sony had been undertaken with inside help. The impression that many will have taken consciously or unconsciously was obvious.
Just the same methods of attack by association are used at whoever else a manipulative media organization is targeting.

The article quoted Graham Smith of Republic who described the Princess as a “royal scrounger” and suggested that she give up her Royal title and stop living in the palace. In fact if he may as well have written it himself for all the fairness and balance that it showed.

The Treason Felony Act of 1848 made advocacy of republicanism in Britain a crime. It is still on the statute books. Luckily for the modernists like Graham Smith no one has been sent to jail for his type of treason since 1879.

So why is it that most British newspapers run a predominantly negative line about the Monarchy – when the overwhelming majority of the British population believe in it as an institution?

Why is it that no mainstream British newspaper takes a really strong pro-Monarchy position anymore? One that goes so far as to avoid spreading dirt and malicious gossip about the royals despite the fact that that type of story sells newspapers?

Dark forces are at work.

One thought on “Anti-Monarchists in the British Media

  1. Dark forces such as those behind the, columnist and former Conservative MP, Louis Mench (AKA Louise Daphne Baghshaw). This wacky backy warrior launched into a potty mouthed rage against David Cameron. His crime? attack the NHS? no she didn’t care about this. His crime? rob from the poor to give to the rich? nope as a former Tory MP she is all for this sort of thing. No David Cameron’s great crime was to say that his thoughts and prayers were with the (bereaved) Saudi Royal family and the people of the kingdom at this sad time (after their King passed away).

    She is the same genius who announced: “Going to clean out my feed for racists. Anybody using the term “Zionist” to me is automatically muted for antisemitism.” As Zionism is merely a term referring to the project to create the state of Israel and is used by both Zionists and anti-Zionists someone replied: “So you’d mute Theodore Herzl (founder of the movement that created the state of Israel)?” She replied “Er, OK.” who? If he uses Zionist then yes. Cheap code word for Jew. Antisemitism.”

    She is the same wonder woman who called for the US to attack Iraq to stop ISIS threatening minority communities. Others may suggest actually attacking ISIS forces rather than the democratic, Shia led Iraq, which has nothing at all to do with ISIS apart from being in a life or death struggle against them.

    She is the same role model for humanity who became famous for her attacks on Prince Harry in 2012 (in which she supported the press in publishing nude photographs of him). Tory MP Nadine Dorries (an actual human being) responded: “I would ask the former MP, next time she wants to open her mouth about a boy who lost his mother at the hands of the media in a way which shocked the world, she might want to look to her own heart and wonder how she would feel? After all, it’s not as though Prince Harry has admitted to taking illegal drugs, abandoned his post, or failed to turn up to work every Thursday in the style of Louise Mensch, now is it?”

    Louise Mensch kicks up a stench. Not content with her original foul mouthed outburst against the Prime Minister and charged up with her newly kindled notoriety she soon laid into Prince Charles for being friendly with the Gulf Royals. Maybe in Mensch’s cartoon like imagination the Gulf Monarchies are populated with cartoon-like abusers and oppressors of women – their female victims just waiting for a PMT tempered champion like herself to inspire them via twitter before they rise up, snatch the car keys, burn their hijabs, crack out the sherry, hoist Gay Pride banners and march topless through the streets of Jeddah, Doha and Manama singing Abba songs.

    So what sort of person is this delightful lady? Well back in the 90s she used to get high with nice old Nigel Kennedy and she later admitted taking class A drugs in a Sunday Times article (doesn’t she know that those things mangle your brain?). Far more disturbingly she seemed to have been an insider advocate for the Murdoch’s during the investigation into the News of the World phone hacking scandal (yes, you have noticed – in an attack on the British Royal family there is usually some sort of link to this Australian semi-humanoid). Labour MP Tom Watson later accused Mensch of trying to bring in pro-Murdoch amendments which would have exonerated Murdoch Junior. Later still he accused her of having leaked private committee conversations to Murdoch’s News Corp. In a total coincidence, completely unrelated to her support for the Murdochs during her time as an MP, she was later rewarded (for her writing skills of course) with work at the Murdoch owned Sun, Murdoch owned Times and Murdoch owned Sun on Sunday (three popular brands of emergency lavatory paper).


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