The Bolsheviks Were Revolting, but the Tsar Was a Sweetie

As a child I remember seeing and hearing some old black and white films about the Russian revolution. They gave the revolutionaries a very good press and their opponents quite the opposite. Later seeing the moving, lumbering, tragic Dr Zhivago cemented this impression. Although not totally favourable to the revolutionaries, this film portrays cruel Tsarists massacring protesters and heartlessly sending boy cadets to die resisting the revolution.  I suspect that for many people in the West this sort of anti-Tsarist propaganda is the beginning and end of their knowledge of these happenings.

Now in my case I used to be rather open minded towards Marxism as a teenager. I read a lot of left wing books. These included a number of books by Marxists concerning the development of the Russian Marxist system. Wow was I shocked! I soon realized that these people (the Bolsheviks and their heirs) were a bunch of thieves and murderers. They robbed from the villages to feed the cities, they destroyed the existing fabric of society, instituted fear and terror, caused millions to starve, threw millions into camps (where they were liable to die from hunger or tuberculosis) and actively murdered millions more. Ultimately they were every bit as bad as the monstrous government described in George Orwell’s 1984.

In the West we think Hitler was the worst and most evil dictator ever because he was an awful eugenicist murdered a few million people, but the scale of the crimes of the Soviet rulers far surpassed those of the Nazis. For a number of reasons this reality has largely been ignored.

On the other hand the last Romanov Monarch Tsar Nicholas II was a man of noble qualities, who undertook good works and made improvements in Russia. He was a man who always sought to make Russia a better place to live in. This grandson of Queen Victoria, was intelligent, softly-spoken and of a gentle disposition, yet this is largely forgotten. People who met him recognized him as pleasant and likeable, yet this is not what people are taught about him. He loved his country and its people and he felt a deep sense of duty both to Russia and the Russians, yet you will not often hear this. His wife Princess Alexandra was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and it seems that most people in the West  do not know this. The Tsar and his wife had married for love rather than for geo-political reasons and they were very affectionate and warm towards each other. Together with their children they lived a happy family life and they were good role models for their people.

Princess Alexandra was devout in her Orthodox Christian faith. She would have nothing to do with the many influential people in the Russian elites who were open and shameless degenerates. These people soon became her enemies. They spread rumours against her and the Tsar, many of which have later been wrongly portrayed as facts. At the same time Russia was plagued by anti-traditional plotters of various factions, most of them used propaganda, most of them spread lies. Today, thanks to the anti-traditionalists and Marxists who have infiltrated Western Academia the lies that were spread as a means of attacking the Romanov Dynasty have been promoted until they became the mainstream view.

Contrary to popular lies Tsarist Russia was not a brutal feudal system – in fact feudalism in Russia had ended by 1861 and the serfs had been emancipated, thanks to Emperor Alexander II. Furthermore we hear that Tsarist Russia was dominated by a tyrannical and ever present system of spies and secret police, yet in reality the Tsar’s secret police were far fewer in number than those of the Soviets would be. In reality the hand of the Tsar was far lighter and more selective than the hand of the Soviet system. Despite the fact that some barefaced liars disagree, it is a self evident fact that during Tsar Nicholas’ reign Russia was under threat from many dangerous subversives, subversives who finally succeeded and turned that place into a waking nightmare. It’s a pity that the Tsar didn’t have even more secret police men who could have stopped these would be tyrants in their tracks.

Enemies of the Tsar describe him as an “autocrat” whose rule was absolute, but in fact the Tsar was limited in his behaviour by the system of morality enshrined in the Russian Orthodox Church. Tsar Nicholas II adhered to a concrete system of morality and feared God which was in total contrast to the nihilistic, amoral, destructive, tyrannical, brutal and murderous Soviet interlopers. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would recognize that the “autocracy” of the Tsars was infinitely superior to the dictatorship of the Soviet leaders.

Indeed there are many ways to govern a country and civilized traditionalist monarchy in alliance with the moral codes and institutions of civilized religion is one of the most long established methods (tried and tested through the ages and across the lands). Monarchy is not the only method to govern a country, but it is one of the better ones and I can’t help imagining an alternative and much happier history where the Romanov Dynasty stayed in power and developed   into a constitutional monarchy or remained on its original traditionalist course. 

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