Is Muslim Teacher Purge Being Orchestrated from the “table of David Cameron”?

It sometimes feels that Muslims in Britain are like a punchbag and a scapegoat for every problem that can possibly be blamed upon them.



Much has been happening over the past couple of months regarding the Trojan Hoax fiasco and the attack on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which has now spread to other schools in London and the north of UK.

In the last piece on the topic, I highlighted that the collateral impact of the policies forced in by the likes of anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove had started (after Gove’s sacking in July) to be felt by Jewish and Christian schools. Questions asked of young Muslim pupils, around homosexuality, for instance, had previously gone without any concerns being raised by the wider public. Now however, such questioning by Ofsted is being regarded as “anti-Semitic” (Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute think tank on BBC’s Question Time (05/02/2015) explicitly declared Ofsted’s questioning around homosexuality and modest dress requirement as anti-Semitic).

The truth is however, that the measures are nowhere near as…

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3 thoughts on “Is Muslim Teacher Purge Being Orchestrated from the “table of David Cameron”?

  1. I must respectfully disagree with you patricknelson750. I think the Canadian judge was correct to ask the Muslim lady to remove her head scarf. I also think it would be correct to ask a Roman Catholic nun to remove the covering on her head. Many Roman Catholic nuns do not wear head coverings in this day and age anyway, not the least of which they block peripheral vision and cause traffic accidents while driving. But no matter, the judge in any country has the right to state how the accused person should dress and appear before the court. This is because the safety of the whole society should be more highly valued than the right of an individual to wear something, regardless of what it is. In Saudi Arabia, which is 99.9% Muslim, no one is allowed to wear a cross, whether for religious or fashion purposes. The Saudi law states that. So though I am a Christian lady, if I went there, I would have to respect that government’s law, even if I thought that law was stupid. Thank you for taking my comment.


    • Well you may think that, but as far as I am concerned if someone wants to wear a hijab, a cassock, roller skates, a trilby, a cross, a tutu, a Che Geuvarra T-Shirt or a witch doctor’s costume it is their business.

      Normal Hijabs certainly don’t block peripheral vision at all and nor do they cause traffic accidents, although attractive and curvaceous provocatively dressed women have been occasionally been known to cause traffic accidents on a number of occasions as lusty men loose their concentration.

      There are 2.1 billion Muslims in the world, Saudi Arabia is home to 1.3% of them and it is certainly not representative of normative mainstream Sunni Islam. Furthermore a hijab is not a religious symbol like a cross, it is a decency covering for a culture with a different definition of nakedness from the western one.

      Asking a religious Muslim woman to take off her hijab is to make her feel naked, to discover an equivalent it is a bit like asking a modern Western woman to strip down to her bra and briefs (and in this analogy I am not including the sort of woman who is happy to lie on the beach in a bikini).


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