Say no to tax dodging!

Labour Campaign for International Development

For too long tax dodging has robbed us of vital funds we need to provide world class public services – and the same is true when companies don’t pay their fair share of tax in developing countries too.

That’s why we’re proud to support the Labour Party’s campaign on tax dodging.

Labour has put tax dodging on the agenda in today’s Opposition Day Debate. Today Labour outlines the steps we want the government to take right now:

  • Close tax loopholes used by hedge funds to avoid stamp duty
  • Clamp down on the abuse of the Eurobond exemption which some companies abuse to move profits out of the UK and avoid Corporation Tax
  • Stop umbrella companies exploiting tax reliefs — reliefs which are designed to help self employed people get on
  • Scrap this government’s ‘shares for rights’ scheme, which will lead to more opportunities for tax dodging

A Labour Government will…

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