How does one explain these photos?

The photo in this re-blogged post shows supposed “Muslims” praying together in various directions, which is something pretty weird as the Muslim Qibah is only one direction. No Muslim that I know of do such a strange thing so who are these people? are they fakes or pretenders, or is it that they are just showing their actual complete ignorance of the religion of Islam?

Rasool ur-Rahmah (The Messenger of Mercy)

How does one explain these photos? Considering they are always covering their faces, do you believe that ISIS has been set up by s sinister non Muslim source to try and make Muslims look like barbaric savages?


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2 thoughts on “How does one explain these photos?

  1. I can quite easily believe that ISIS-Daesh was set up by those who are consciously antithetical to Islam, but this doesn’t change the reality that they are manned by bloody minded Kharijite people who are not aware of this.


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