Dumb Culture, Dumb Schools, Dumb People

Dumb TV zombies – the people of the future if the corrupt get their way. Read John Taylor Gatto https://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ on education in America and the West in general and you will hear a sorry story of a situation of what I could only describe as a deliberate dumbing down. It all works to favour the Big Corporations because dumb people make great consumerists and rarely notice that the system does not work for most people. Below is a nice post describing the toxic fallout leaking from “modern” education.

Lee Duigon

If you can’t keep up the culture, you can’t keep anything. You can’t have a republic of dummies. Know-nothings are not able to maintain a modern economy.

But Scholastic Books seems intent on applying the art of bonsai to the human mind. The bonsai artist creates little tiny trees. The cultural bonsai artist creates little tiny minds.

You know you’re getting there when adult crossword puzzles have to be taken off the market because nobody out there is able to do them.

I’ve been reading the first two books in Scholastic’s Wings of Fire series. These fantasy novels, pitched to Young Readers, are all about dragons. Dragons are, we would think, very different from human beings. But the dragons in these books say things like:

“Ew, that’s gross!” “Awwwwww, how cute!” “You guys.” A sadistic monster character is described as “mean.” And here’s an immortal line of dialogue from Book…

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