Imams Online Launch Internet Campaign against ISIS Propaganda

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Hope Not Hate also have this story, Imams To ‘Reclaim Internet’ From Extremists, reporting that their partners in combating religious extremism, Imams Online, have launched a new site to combat terrorist propaganda from groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. It’s an online magazine called Haqiqah, or ‘The Reality’, which aims to provide clear expositions of the pieces of Islamic scripture quoted by the terrorists and extremists to promote their vile views. The magazine quotes Shaukat Warraich, Imams Online’s chief editor, as saying

“We’re turning the tide. Though we still have a way to go, we know that by taking efforts to support and mobilise the huge online Muslim population, we will eventually drown out the violent voices.”

The article also states that it joins the sites #NotInMyName from the Active Change Foundation and Inspire’s #MakingAStand. It concludes by urging everyone to support British Muslims in driving out the pedlars…

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417 mosques have been destroyed in Central African Republic

The Muslim Debate Initiative

Loon Watch

Did it really take Samantha Power to highlight the destruction of mosques in CAR? It has already been pointed out by many observers and legitimate human rights organizations.

As the following article notes, CAR is a “mineral rich” country, that being the case it would be wise to be wary of the interests of neo-Colonial nations and their own schemes in the region.

In the meantime the people of CAR continue to suffer and struggle.


BANGUI – Long months of fighting in Central African Republic have resulted in the destruction of almost all mosques in the tiny African country, leaving a huge Muslim population with no worshipping places.

The devastation “kind of crazy, chilling”, Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN spoke to reporters on Tuesday after a Security Council visit last week to the country, Aljazeera reported.

Power added that the outcome of months…

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What if the Muslim world treated non-Muslims as the West treats Muslims?

Abdullah al Andalusi

Sometimes, the best way for people to understand whether they are treating their minorities fairly, is to ask, ‘what if they were the minority?’, would they accept the same treatment they dish out to others? On the eve of extreme repressive laws that the UK government have pledged to enact (alongside the Australian government), this question becomes all the more pertinent. So lets see what Secular Liberals would say if the roles were reversed?

Now the Muslim world is generally secular, and Secular Liberals certainly enjoy more freedom to preach their expansionist ideology, than Muslims who call to holistic Islam can. Most Muslim countries currently, actually affirm the freedom for people to hold different religions to Islam, and practice those religions – even in ‘Islamic Republics’ like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, what if the entire Muslim world did the following?:

1) The mainstream Media outlets of the Muslim world…

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Video on ISIS’ Destruction of Ancient Monuments in Iraq

ISIS = land pirates and people who have no respect even for the graves of Prophets (as). Across the Middle East ISIS are considered to be dumbos manipulated by agent provocateurs (whose masters’ goals are geo-political and imperialistic).

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I’ve posted a number of pieces condemning and commenting on ISIS’ destruction of the priceless monuments and archaeological treasures in Iraq. These include not only the ancient Assyrian artefacts in Mosul and the ancient city of Nimrod, but also the shrine of the Adam’s son Seth, venerated in Islam as the Prophet Sheth. I’ve found this short video about this cultural vandalism on Youtube. It’s from a Christian perspective, but it does report not only the destruction of the ancient Assyrian monuments of especial interest to Christians and Jews, but also the Islamic mosques and shrines that have been destroyed. These now include the tomb of Saint George, venerated in Islam as Jerjis, and the mosque dedicated to the Prophet Jonah, revered in Islam as Yunus. Here it is.

The piece also suggests that ISIS had already looted the site for artefacts, which they could sell on the international antiquities…

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Ancient Ring Suggests #Viking, #Muslim Contact: Inscription reads “For Allah!”

Reminiscent of the Ballycotton Cross and King Offa’s Coins….

| truthaholics

Engraved Ring Suggests Viking, Islamic Contact ~ Archaeology Magazine, a Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — The recent examination of a ring excavated from a ninth-century grave in the Viking trading center of Birka, Sweden, more than 100 years ago suggests that Vikings had contact with Islamic civilization. The silver ring is adorned with a violet-colored piece of glass (long thought to have been an amethyst) engraved with an inscription that reads “To Allah” or “For Allah” in Arabic. A scanning electron microscope revealed little sign of wear on the ring, indicating that it had few owners before it was buried in the grave of a Viking woman. Ancient texts mention contact between Scandinavians and members of Islamic civilization, but such archaeological evidence is rare. “Being the only ring with an Arabic inscription found at a Scandinavian archaeological site, it is a unique object…

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The “Trojan Horse” Plot is Proven to be a Trojan Hoax, But Questions Still Need Answering

First it was the Dreyfus case…


The fundamental aspect which stood out from the Iraq war debacle was that a war was waged on the basis of lies which were held up to the world by neocons as legitimate reasons to kill and torture. Deceit, is a central to neoconservative thinking. As the war progressed, embedded journalists portraying one aspect of the war, the neoconservative side, diffused their biased reporting to nurture the patriotism of people: our men were fighting a noble war based on a “noble lie”.

Another war on a smaller scale was waged against the Muslim community of Birmingham. It was triggered by a fabricated letter, allegedly drawn by a group of evangelical teachers with an anti-Muslim bias, and nurtured by further lies, exaggerations and spin pumped primarily by propagandist Andrew Gilligan. Muslim teachers were smeared across national papers, thanks to untested and unverifiable information which was used to construct…

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Corporations as privately-owned governments

Phil Ebersole's Blog

A large corporation is not like a person.  It is like a government, a privately-owned government.   We Americans make a big mistake when we fail to realize this.

Our American tradition tells us to be suspicious of the power of governments.  We try to limit the government power by means of a written Constitution, and separation of governmental powers among three branches of government and between Washington and the states.   We tend to value individual rights more highly than the common good.

Corporations-v.-PeopleWe don’t  have a good way of fitting corporations into this way of thinking.

A public, limited liability corporation is an institution with special privileges and powers established by law, in order to allow people to combine their wealth to accomplish a common purpose.

The power of the corporation comes from the principle of limited liability.  Investors in a company are not responsible for the obligations of the…

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