Andy Burnham, the NHS, the EU/US Trade Agreement – and chlorinated chicken.

Leeds North West Constituency

We’ve reported before on the EU/US Trade agreement currently being negotiated.
Unless significant changes are made to it, its provisions will pose a major threat to the NHS and to our public services in general.

It will e.g. stop future governments reversing privatisations.

It will allow multi-national companies to sue national governments if their decisions affect the companies’ profits. It will have a major impact on environmental and consumer protections.

It will also open your local GP up to the threat of being sued by these same companies.

Only Labour has taken a firm stand on this agreement. But the results of last week’s European election results may have produced some strange allies.

Debbie Abrahams Debbie Abrahams

Labour’s Debbie Abrahams, a member of Andy Burnham’s shadow Health team, has repeatedly raised concerns about the agreement [also known as the TTIP] and its impact on the NHS.
One recommendation from a recent review

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