The Labour Party and the Monarchy

Labour leaning publications such as the New Statesman have become increasingly anti-Monarchical in recent years and “progressive” anti-Monarchists have become increasingly vocal – despite their views being at odds with those of the general population.

With the mushrooming of cultural Marxism as the new “social normality” in Britain Republican views have increased in the anti-traditional media. Yet historically the mainstream of the British Labour movement was generally Monarchist in inclination – Republicanism was always a historically minority view, one associated generally with Marxists within the party.

Republicans like to claim Keir Hardie as one of their own, but despite his lack of devout Monarchism he was also not too impressed with elected Presidents either. Indeed historically the Labour Party had only a single formal vote on the future of the British Monarchy. It was at the1923 Labour Party conference. The result… 38,000 votes against the Monarchy – 3,690,000 votes in support of the Monarchy (that meant that for every one against the Monarchy there were 97 for it).

  • Various early Labour Party inspirations including Thomas Carlyle and John Ruskin were Monarchists.
  • Labour Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald was a Monarchist and he had a great relationship with King George V.
  • Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee was a supporter of Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy and he was a close friend King George VI, his loyalty to the King came over party loyalty to the extent that he called a general election early in 1952, against party interests, so that it could be done with before the King’s planned holiday.
  • Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson Harold Wilson had a fond interaction with Queen Elizabeth to the extent that some described him as her Melbourne (Melbourne being the young Queen Victoria’s pet Prime Minister).
  • Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan also had a warm relationship with Queen Elizabeth.
  • “New Labour” Prime Minister Tony Blair (despite sometimes confusing himself for the Queen) was generally deferential towards and supportive of the Monarchy…

…and throughout the existence of the Labour Party literally millions of Labour Party members and supporters have been Monarchists, many of them avid ones. 

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Baroness Jan Royall speaks…

An Ex-Republican Sees the Light…

“No practising politician could possibly hope to be more deeply and widely informed about domestic, Commonwealth and international affairs than The Queen. She has sources of information available to nobody else.”

Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan

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