Ancient Ring Suggests #Viking, #Muslim Contact: Inscription reads “For Allah!”

Reminiscent of the Ballycotton Cross and King Offa’s Coins….

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Engraved Ring Suggests Viking, Islamic Contact ~ Archaeology Magazine, a Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — The recent examination of a ring excavated from a ninth-century grave in the Viking trading center of Birka, Sweden, more than 100 years ago suggests that Vikings had contact with Islamic civilization. The silver ring is adorned with a violet-colored piece of glass (long thought to have been an amethyst) engraved with an inscription that reads “To Allah” or “For Allah” in Arabic. A scanning electron microscope revealed little sign of wear on the ring, indicating that it had few owners before it was buried in the grave of a Viking woman. Ancient texts mention contact between Scandinavians and members of Islamic civilization, but such archaeological evidence is rare. “Being the only ring with an Arabic inscription found at a Scandinavian archaeological site, it is a unique object…

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