The “Trojan Horse” Plot is Proven to be a Trojan Hoax, But Questions Still Need Answering

First it was the Dreyfus case…


The fundamental aspect which stood out from the Iraq war debacle was that a war was waged on the basis of lies which were held up to the world by neocons as legitimate reasons to kill and torture. Deceit, is a central to neoconservative thinking. As the war progressed, embedded journalists portraying one aspect of the war, the neoconservative side, diffused their biased reporting to nurture the patriotism of people: our men were fighting a noble war based on a “noble lie”.

Another war on a smaller scale was waged against the Muslim community of Birmingham. It was triggered by a fabricated letter, allegedly drawn by a group of evangelical teachers with an anti-Muslim bias, and nurtured by further lies, exaggerations and spin pumped primarily by propagandist Andrew Gilligan. Muslim teachers were smeared across national papers, thanks to untested and unverifiable information which was used to construct…

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