What if the Muslim world treated non-Muslims as the West treats Muslims?

Abdullah al Andalusi

Sometimes, the best way for people to understand whether they are treating their minorities fairly, is to ask, ‘what if they were the minority?’, would they accept the same treatment they dish out to others? On the eve of extreme repressive laws that the UK government have pledged to enact (alongside the Australian government), this question becomes all the more pertinent. So lets see what Secular Liberals would say if the roles were reversed?

Now the Muslim world is generally secular, and Secular Liberals certainly enjoy more freedom to preach their expansionist ideology, than Muslims who call to holistic Islam can. Most Muslim countries currently, actually affirm the freedom for people to hold different religions to Islam, and practice those religions – even in ‘Islamic Republics’ like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, what if the entire Muslim world did the following?:

1) The mainstream Media outlets of the Muslim world…

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