417 mosques have been destroyed in Central African Republic

The Muslim Debate Initiative

Loon Watch

Did it really take Samantha Power to highlight the destruction of mosques in CAR? It has already been pointed out by many observers and legitimate human rights organizations.

As the following article notes, CAR is a “mineral rich” country, that being the case it would be wise to be wary of the interests of neo-Colonial nations and their own schemes in the region.

In the meantime the people of CAR continue to suffer and struggle.

via. OnIslam.net

BANGUI – Long months of fighting in Central African Republic have resulted in the destruction of almost all mosques in the tiny African country, leaving a huge Muslim population with no worshipping places.

The devastation “kind of crazy, chilling”, Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN spoke to reporters on Tuesday after a Security Council visit last week to the country, Aljazeera reported.

Power added that the outcome of months…

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