An Invitation

Come to truth, come to the best deeds! All are welcome to become Muslims and no human being, jinn or Satan can stop them. Merciful God has invited all of humanity to salvation in this life and the hereafter and that includes you. Your Creator doesn’t require you to do anything unnatural or truly difficult for you to become a true believer. All He requires is that you have the right intention with purity and sincerity of heart.

You may no know it but your soul was a servant of God before your birth and you were born a Muslim. Your parents and teachers may have influenced you into untrue thoughts and ideas that are incompatible with Islam, but that is quite normal in most of the lands of the world and it needn’t be a hindrance to you if you really want to become close to your Creator, God who nurtures and sustains your very existence. Say

‘I bear witness that there is no God but God ! and I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of God !’

If you believe this then you are now a Muslim with God and if you say it in front of two male Muslim witnesses then you will become a Muslim with the people too. Before doing so it is good first to perform Ghusl (ritual bathing) before declaring the Shahada, this is to rinse the mouth, wash the nostrils, and rub water over the whole body whilst reciting the declaration of faith;


Then in front of two sane, adult male Muslims reciting;

I bear witness that there is no God other than God and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.


Becoming a Muslim is easy and simple, there are no fancy rituals involved or lengthy learning processes – it usually happens first in the heart and mind and then sometime later with the voice and the actions. Once someone has become a Muslim they must learn the ways of Islam and how to live in accordance with Divine Law and the Sunnah (the recommended way of the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace).

It is important to spend time reading about the life of the Holy Prophet from authentic books, reading the Holy Qur’an (or translations of its meanings) and about the friends of God (this book is designed for these very same purposes). It is also important to find an Orthodox Sunni teacher or teachers of Islamic Divine Law (according to one of the four Sunni Madhabs) and an Orthodox Sunni teacher of Tasawwuf, both of whom can help guide on on the straight path of Islam. It is a mercy from God that the quality of an individual’s faith nearly always improves and grows with their performing good deeds and abstaining from sins, from their associating with good company and avoiding of bad company and the reading good Orthodox Sunni books or magazines and avoiding satanic media and the writings of ignorant people.

It is important to remember this. No one needs to get circumcised before becoming a Muslim, as Islam teaches that circumcision for men is a very good thing but according to the Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbalee schools of thought is it a Sunnah not a Fard (i.e. it is a praiseworthy and recommended act but not an obligatory one). Many wise Islamic teachers of different schools of thought have told new Muslims that they need not adopt all of the five pillars straight away if they seem too difficult and that learning and implementing the full holistic way of life that God has enjoined for the Children of Adam in Islam is usually a gradual process.

Those who have recently realized the truth of Islam and who have made the Shahada to themselves can seek to follow God by certain easy steps. Once the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) was on a journey when one of his Companions, Muadh ibn Jabal (raa), asked him how he should behave so that he should go straight to Paradise, whilst avoiding the Hell-fire. The Holy Prophet replied, explaining to him that this was an important question.

His answer was that a believer should simply serve God, whilst ascribing Him no partner, that he/she should say their prayers, pay Zakaat, fast and perform the Hajj pilgrimage. The Holy Prophet then went on to explain to Muadh that the gate of goodness is fasting, which is like a shield, and charity, which washes away sin like water douses fire. The Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) then asked Muadh whether he would like him to tell him what the foundation, pillars and roof of the edifice of religion were and Muadh said that he would like to know. therefore e the Holy Prophet explained to him that the foundation of religion is Islam, the pillars that support are prayers and the roof itself is the work in God’s cause (Tirmidhi, Shamail).

The five pillars of Islam are;

1. To believe in the Unity of God (Tawheed), the One True God , and to believe in the Message of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and give him peace), the Seal of the Prophets.

2. To perform the five daily Salaat prayers.

3. To fast (health permitting) in the daytime during blessed month of Ramadan.

4. To give the small Zakaat poor due on surplus wealth.

5. To perform the Hajj pilgrimage (wealth permitting) at least once during one’s life.

A Sunni Scholar told one new Muslim, who had just said the declaration of faith, that he should avoid making money through usury-interest, prostitution or selling drugs or alcohol. He should avoid idolatry and remember God somewhat each day and that he should learn the rest of Islam at the pace his heart told him to and that when he was ready he would want to learn.

One Sheikh wrote of his policy to encourage new Muslims to remember God each day and to make a gesture of prayer at the set times of prayer each day, even if it was only to bow in the direction of the Qibla (the direction Muslims pray, which is south-east in Europe) and to say Alhamdulillah, which means praise be to God and is the equivalent of Hallelujah. New Muslims may be reminded that it is always better to believe in God and the teachings of His last Messenger and love them than to disbelieve, even if a person is big sinner. If someone believes in, loves and remembers God He will (InshaAllah) make a way for them.

And whoso does good works

whether of male or female,

and he (or she) is a believer,

such will enter Paradise

and they will not be wronged

the dint in a date-stone.

(Surah an Nisa Verse 124)

The wise always had three practices;

1. To help all living beings.

2. To give out the bounties from God in the places where the people assemble to remember Him.

3. To awaken the people to God through wise words.

(Dho’l Nun al Misri (ra).

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