Evolution and Islam

Evolutionism – Whats Going on There?

In 1859 CE Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published and he thus become the founder of a fashionable cult of speculation which would pass itself off as science.

It seems clear to me that concepts of the ‘evolution of the species’ are an ancient set of ideas – they are partly true and partly false.

The wise have explained that God Created all the species, he designed them, fashioned them and shaped them, clearly making them somewhat adaptable, and when their term expires he takes them back.

God  Created the human beings directly from good clay, He may have created other species through a gradual process if He wishes as he is the Fashioner, the Shaper and the Cherisher of the world. He is the one who splits the date stone and makes the plants grow and the clouds move, although to seemingly chaotic causality, according only to His will.

The Sumerians had claimed that life developed through a gradual evolutionary process, the ancient Egyptians had claimed that life arose spontaneously out of the mud.

The ancient Sumerians and the Greek Miletius had claimed that life first arose in the water and there it began to develop, whilst Aniximander the Greek claimed that mankind was descended from the fishes.

Empidocles imagined, back in the 5th century BCE that life came into spontaneous being through the forces of nature the first living things being plants which had developed out of inanimate matter and that some of these plants had later developed into animals.

All of these ideas have survived within evolutionism.

Documentary evidence shows that the concept of evolution was particularly known and developed amongst the Muslims during the 9th–12th centuries CE (it is even mentioned in the Mathnavi of Maulana Rumi for metaphorical reasons and touched upon by Ibn Khaldun).

Yet it was simply not considered relevant enough to everyday life to be held as a popular subject of thought and discussion.

Below is a quotation from a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians called Edward G Browne in his 1921 CE book Arabic Medicine, (pages 118-9) These words are unaltered from the original edition;

The process of Evolution from Mineral to Plant, From Plant to Animal and from Animal to Man is clearly recognized, and is fully discussed by Dieterici in the ninth book of his exposition of Arabian Philosophy, as taught by the encyclopedists of Bagdad in the ninth and tenth centuries of our era, entitled ‘Der Darwinsimus im zehnten und neunzehnten Jahr-hundert’ (published Liepzig 1878)

In the twelfth–century Persian work entitled the “Four Discourses” which I have already had occasion to cite, attempts are even made to find the “missing links,” coral being regarded as intermediate between the mineral and vegetable kingdoms; the vine, which seeks to avoid and escape from the fatal embrace of a kind of bind-weed called ‘ashaqa’, as intermediate between the vegetable and animal kingdoms; and the ‘nasnas’, a kind of ape or wild man, as intermediate between man and the beasts.

Jean Baptiste de Lamark, Thomas Malthus, Benoit de Maillet, Goethe, Erasmus Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace had all also pondered on natural selection in later year.

Charles Darwin would claimed to have invented this ancient idea himself, adding to it a unique brutal fantasy of a struggle for the ‘survival of the fittest’, in which all mutual love, aid and cooperation was done away with or explained as being actually selfish.

In truth nature is both a harsh and a gentle place, a cruel and a loving place, a difficult and an easy place, Darwin’s ideas were far from reality.

Darwin also harmfully proposed that African people were ape-like and that the non-white races were due to be exterminated as they were less fit than the white race to dominate the world. These lies would be the cause of much trouble and suffering in the world.

What these people all failed to understand is that what they took to be simple life is in fact fantastically complicated, the tiniest creature having immensely complex genetics. This is why all attempts at creating life from organic materials in the laboratory have failed.

Deep study of genetic using modern technology reveals the living creatures to be fabulously marvelous, complicated mechanisms, each cell being a tiny machine in itself, with working biological components to suit their function.

A single celled organism has hundreds of perfectly designed working parts, which are held within the design of its DNA in a specific code, which is millions of digits long.

For such a perfectly designed machine to suddenly appear through the chemical interactions in swirling mineral mud is an unimaginably tiny possibility, so unlikely as never to occur in the life of the Universe.

The ‘explanation’ proposed by the evolutionists is that a bolt of lightening struck the primeval mineral mud, which contained complicated amino acids and that these were instantly formed together into a living organism.

The belief that through the actions of the elements upon the mineral chemistry of the earth life forms first appeared when by an amazing coincidence the first living organism was created out of minerals by such forces as the weather, chemistry of the earth, lightening and other such factors and then it proceed to start to reproduce itself is acceptable only to the very ignorant person or the one so indoctrinated as to be unable to see the plain reality that the evolutionist fallacy that somehow lightening interacted with the chemicals needed to construct life forms to create simple life forms, with their necessarily (fabulously) complex genetic coding and tiny biological components is like claiming that if we go into a forest and shoot enough trees with a cannon we will eventually produce a fine rocking chair, and more preposterous still as we are not talking about a rocking chair, but rather something that all the world’s scientists together have yet failed to create for the raw materials available.

Wise people know that God created the first living organisms and He placed them upon the face of the Planet Earth. He obviously endowed them with a genetic and reproductive nature that facilitated some adaptation to ever varying climatic conditions so that they may thrive upon the earth and later He created other species of plants and animals and placed them upon the earth. The greatest species that God placed upon the earth was that of the human beings, whom he had created from clay.

The idea that anyone would take the simple adaptability of animal species as support for their disbelief is quite illogical, and wise believers who are educated in spiritual and physical sciences tend to see the amazing adaptability of life forms as a Sign of God , who was not just the Creator at the beginning of time but is also the continual Creator and Sustainer.

The wise know that there are ultimately no absolute laws of physics, only God ’s Commands to things to be and to behave in a certain way at a certain time, and which He may alter beyond their normal course as and when He wishes, such as the fire that became cool and soothing when the tyrant Nimrod tried to burn Abraham (may God bless him and give him peace), Prophet of God .

God directly created many types of creatures and the sudden appearance of species in the fossil record at particular times in history clearly suggests similar creation events for the other species. The fossil record shows no sign of gradual evolutionary processes, rather it shows that species suddenly appear upon the earth fully developed and perfectly designed for life and then they exist for long periods of time before eventually disappearing.

During their long existence the adaptability that God built into their designs shows itself in the minor changes of form that they go through during the generations, but these changes are always within a specific species type – never creating a new one.

Although the adaptability that God built into the life forms makes the potential for a species to evolve gradually into a significantly different form there is actually no evidence of this ever having happened in the creatures recorded in the fossil record.

We know that God directly created the human beings, about others we may assume the same but at the end of the day God knows how He created, fashioned and shaped the various other species. People would do best to leave this issue to him and think about more important issues like helping the people of the world live in better, more wholesome, happier ways.

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