Harms that Wise Believers Try to Avoid

In this life God has given the human beings a choice as to whether they choose virtue, wisdom and good character or whether they choose to allow their lusts to lead them into vice and evil. Avoid misery for this life and the hereafter by avoiding harming others and avoiding self-harming, by trusting in God and having patience, by lessening ambitions and being pleased by what one has, by doing genuine and well intentioned good deeds and living by the Sunnah of the Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) and by seeking to develop genuine humble virtues and avoiding vices (keep life simple, humble and spiritually clean).

Vices are all the undesirable, unhealthy and spiritually unlawful forms of behaviour. They are those actions and habits to be avoided as they lead to unhappiness in this life and the hereafter.

Every believing person must train their intellectual faculty with deliberate thinking and reflection as to the benefits of virtue and the loss caused by vices. Through this process they may gradually develop true wisdom and virtues such as temperance and courage.

Sins are actions contrary to the orders of the Creator as recorded in Divine Law as taught by the Prophets through the ages. Previous Divine Laws were recorded in scriptures such as the Torah and Gospels, but the current explanation of Divine Law for this last age of humanity on Earth is the Holy Qur’an.

Wise believers avoid hurting or harming other living beings (human or animal) in any way without lawful cause…

  • wise believers avoid harmful lying,
  • wise believers avoid slandering,
  • wise believers avoid back biting (this is revealing others faults for gossip),
  • wise believers avoid haughtiness and arrogance, wise believers avoid showing off (especially in good deeds) – if you have some good quality or skill remember it is just a gift from God, like a loan it may be withdrawn,
  • wise believers avoid looking at others with envy,
  • wise believers avoid haughtily considering themselves superior to others due to wealth, looks, ancestry or any other reason,
  • wise believers avoid negative nationalism (be a human being not a tribalist),
  • wise believers avoid tribal iniquity and wise believers avoid racism, wise believers avoid harshly finding fault with others,
  • wise believers avoid ridiculing people, wise believers avoid being harsh with juniors,
  • wise believers avoid committing adultery,
  • wise believers avoid gazing lustfully at strange people of the opposite sex,
  • wise believers avoid being alone with people of the opposite sex in dubious circumstances that could facilitate adultery or rape,
  • wise believers avoid stealing, wise believers avoid using things belonging to others without permission,
  • wise believers avoid being miserly
  • wise believers avoid accepting usurious or corrupt earnings,
  • wise believers avoid abortion in cases without an extreme medical justification,
  • wise believers avoid treating parents and elders disrespectfully,
  • wise believers avoid delaying prayers until they are late or miss them altogether,
  • wise believers avoid associating unnecessarily with harmful or deviant people,
  • wise believers avoid oppressing others,
  • wise believers avoid breaking the ties of family (forgive and rejoin ties),
  • wise believers avoid breaking the unity of the believers,
  • wise believers avoid doing things that one suspects are forbidden with good cause,
  • wise believers avoid abandoning the ways of the blessed Prophets to adopt or copy the ways of the foolish of the disbelievers,

amongst other things…

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