Islam and Good Qualities 1

The wisest people remember that goodness originates with God and only God’s definition of right and wrong is ultimately true. Any definition of right and wrong that is not in accordance with that which God has revealed to humankind is ultimately false. Societies claim things as good and things as evil, but just because a society claims something is good or evil it doesn’t mean that it truly is, only God decides. Societies are merely imperfect communities that are made up of many imperfect individuals.

A shrewd and enlightened man


will not give affairs of important


to a base fellow to transact.


A mat-maker although employed in weaving,


is not set to work in a silk-factory.


Only God is perfect and only He is All Wise and it is the rules that God has sent down to us that we must value. The laws invented by men may be good or they may be harmful. People may invent a law with good intentions, but in reality they have invented a harmful law, which causes great suffering. Sovereignty belongs to God and thus we follow the laws that God has revealed to us and the example of the Holy Prophets. Orthodox Sunni Islam is quite suitable for people living in Democracies and other types of societies.

A good Orthodox Muslim will be a good and productive citizen, whether he should live in a wisely guided Emirate a Monarchy or a Democracy. Wherever they live it is their duty to be good and dutiful citizens of that state and to demonstrate the beauty of Islam by living a life that is in every way morally superior and more thoughtful and charitable than that of their non-Muslim peers.

The believing men and women


are the friends and protectors


of one another,


enjoining the good


and forbidding the evil.’

(Surah at-Tawbah 71)

And hold fast to the rope of God

and avoid being divided.’

(Surah al-Imran 101)

God is the most just and His justice is perfect to the atoms weight therefore he may judge the human beings for their eternal existence. Human minds are limited therefore so is our ability for justice, this is one of the reasons that human beings must be generally gentle and lenient – as we make so many mistakes.

Lo! God commands you that you

restore deposits to their owners,

and when you judge between mankind

that you judge with justice…

(Surah an Nisa 58)

Yet at the same time a government that is too gentle or lenient on persistently antisocial and harmful criminals (or which persists in using ineffective and counter-productive methods of punishment simply because they consider them modern or liberal) will cause the people to suffer from the attacks and abuses of those anti social ones who feel they can rob, bully and hurt with impunity. Those who are vulnerable, old or weak especially suffer in such a situation – victims of the leniency of a liberal elite who themselves are generally safe from the abuses of the abusive anti-socials, protected by their wealth, wealth that means they do not have to share un-policed spaces with the ones whom they have allowed to run amok.

The judge who spares the bandit

oppresses the traveller


To have mercy upon the evil

is to injure the good;

to pardon tyrants

is to do violence to dervishes.


To have mercy on sharp-toothed tigers

Is to be tyrannical towards sheep.


Three things cannot subsist without three things: property without trade,

science without controversy

and a country without punishment.

Speak sometimes in a friendly,

conciliatory, manly way

Perhaps you will capture a heart with the lasso.

Sometimes speak in anger;

for a hundred jars of sugar

Will on occasion not have the effect of one dose of colocynth.


Lo! God commands you to justice

and kindness and generosity …

…and forbids lewdness,

abomination and wickedness

(Surah al Nahl 90)

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