Life is a Sea of Choices

At the start of the day; the ignorant man thinks about what he will do that day’ ….

‘At the start of the day; the wise man thinks about what God will do with him’

(Sheik ibn Ata’ullah (ra).

If you’re swimming in the sea of choices and experiences that is the worldly life, having fun or just swimming along and then you find that its full of sharks and crocodiles who want to drag you down to a terrible place where you will be devoured, head for this Island of Blessings, Safety and Rewards, the route there is a straight one, but there are many distractions, ignore them, focus on that island and hold on to the only handhold that doesn’t break and God willing you’ll get there soon enough, do you want to be the fool who says ‘I’m having fun, the island is far away, I like it here’ and swims round and round in circles until the predators get him and drag him down.


Rumi (ra) once compared the world to the witch of Kabul who held men prisoner with her decorations and perfume. He informed the people that we may free ourselves from the witchcraft of the world by repeating;

‘I take refuge in the Lord of daybreak’

He reminded us to beware of the world and that to escape from her snares we need to follow a guide whose; breath is cool, who can loosen our shackles and who understand the mystery of ALLAH does whatever He chooses. The world is a trap and its bait is lust. We can escape from this trap by turning our faces to God. Rumi reminds us that when we go along the right way we have blessings, but when we wander on the wrong path we do not do too well.

Throughout the Mathnavi Rumi (ra) calls us to abandon desire for the unnecessary worldly things so that we can receive the mercies of the Creator and then we can find that without moving we can travel from His prison into His beautiful rose-garden.

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