Spirituality and Good Qualities

It was the job of the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) to make things smooth for people, not difficult. Even when people were rude to him he still behaved graciously and with manners.

God is gentle and He loves gentleness in all things (Bukhari & Muslim) and Islam teaches the absence of gentleness in a thing renders it defective (Muslim).

The Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) taught that no one can be classed as a believer unless they wish good things for their fellow human beings – like they wish them for themselves (Bukhari).

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and give him peace) started merciful social revolution in which his Companions (raa) spread a philosophy of merciful respect for human and animal life, emancipated tens of thousands of slaves, promoted the God given rights of women, over came age old prejudices and sectarian divisions, promoted functioning multiculturalism, effected practical communitarian policies and spread the love of charity and agape benevolence, all within a few decades of the beginning of the Last Revelation.

The Muslims only did these things when they lived according to the holistic merciful way of life that is the Deen of Islam and history shows that when the Muslims existed in that state of true Islam they were a beacon of blessed light and Baraka in the world.

Each Muslim now makes the choice between a life of selfish play or a life dedicated to the the well being of the sentient creatures of the planet and to the worship of our Creator.

One day a rough and rude Bedouin came to the Prophet and asked him for a gift, which he was given, instead of being thankful the rude man asked for more in an impolite and aggressive way. Rather than taking offense, and quieting the Companions (raa), he gave the man what he requested and whose demeanor instantly changed.

When the Companions questioned the Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) later he explained what he had done with the metaphor of a run away camel;

Once a man had a troublesome camel which had run away. Different people kept trying to bring it back through beating and dragging but failed.

The keeper of the camel asked them not to interfere and he himself gently brought it back under control by feeding it leaves little by little, until its temper had waned.

The Holy Prophet (may God bless him and give him peace) informed them that if they had responded to the man in kind, with roughness, that it would have failed to guide him, but having left contented he was more likely to improve his ways by coming to faith.

One thought on “Spirituality and Good Qualities

  1. Gentleness, respecting and uplifting and encouraging and giving women the same rights, being made in the image and likeness of God, as men, sounds like true surrendering to the Love of God for all creation in heaven and earth! Thank you for elucidating what a God of pure Love, Mercy, Grace, Goodness and Compassion expresses! May you be blessed!


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