Violence In Islam (Or: ‘Chuck Connors and ISIS, The Cult of Doom’)

Dr Chuck Conners vs. ISIS Dumbos

Asharis: Assemble


                                                                          Teddy Bear Samurai by Da G3

The Internet has liberalised knowledge. But it has also liberalised stupidity.

My beloved Heuristically Algorithmic teddy, ‘Kuma’, has recently discovered the internet. I let her surf it because she is bored at home while I go out and fight evil as my alter ego ‘Gonzaburo, The Unseen Hand of Justice’. Sadly, she has come across a lot of inaccurate information about her favourite topic – theology. And more specifically, Islam.

Last week, Chuck Connors prevented Kuma from leaving Islam due to doubts she had acquired from visiting sites claiming to find scientific errors in the Quran. Unfortunately, Connors did such a good job that in her new…

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