Tory Leader Ted Heath Was Evil

 Tory leader and Prime Minister Ted Heath was (according to 101 pointing arrows) a greedy evil man and the Tories at the top are still mostly evil greedy men.   It is now quite easy to dissect the evil of Tories past, but today only the public evil of this bunch is visible and the harm that they are doing to the poor and weak in this country. The same greedy, me-first mentality that has dominated the Tories ever since Ted Heath was in power still dominates that party. Wait 30 years and we may very well be hearing Ted Heath type stories about various figures from this current greedy clique.

Patrick Moore, Ted Heath and the European Union Conspiracy

The Treason of Tory PM Ted Heath

Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath

Tory PM Ted Heath Lied About Europe

Tory PM Ted Heath Abuse and Murder?

Ominous Old Heath Newspaper Clippings?

Tory PM Ted Heath & Jimmy Saville?

Britain Taken into the EU Illegally by Ted Heath?

Ted Heath a Failure As a Man and Politician

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