An Angry Rant About GPs in the UK.

Getting to see a GP in Britain at the moment  has become little easier than seeking an appointment with a famous person or politician. Appointments have become something like gold dust and oftentimes you may be quite likely to get better on your own before you manage to get a non-emergency appointment. There was a time when you would ring up the surgery and sure as anything you would get an appointment in the next couple of days, now in many surgeries you cannot even do this and have to get into a telephone race at the start of each day to get an appointment that day, miss it and you have to do it the next day. If you are a late riser you are stuffed. It’s like the struggle at the opening of a seasonal sale, but completely devoid of the happy consumerist enjoyment that some people find in that.

The UK has too few doctors who are paid too much (I have read that our GPs are paid 2nd highest, beaten only by those in the wealthy USA, whilst French GP’s, for example, earn only something like 2/3rds of that which British GPs do). Due to the shortage that afflicts us, many of our doctors also work overly long hours as well and as a result of this they cannot be providing the best service.

Apparently lots of people in the UK are studying medicine at the moment, but before the following glut of graduates (God willing) increase the number of UK doctors the following thought occurs to me. Plenty of British doctors are of a low quality and hurdles that discourage fully competent foreign doctors (individuals who are fluent in English and who would happily work for a lot less) from working here here need to be removed.

Plenty of workers and professionals study long and work hard, there is no justification at all for the inflated wages paid to British GPs or the difficulty that normal people have accessing them nowadays. The country needs many more GPs than at present and realistically to afford more we need to stop paying them over the odds and start paying them more realistic wages.

Big Business Creates Weath? More like Big Business Screws us All

In modern Britain so often we hear the mantra that big business is good because it creates wealth and that is just one of the biggest crocks about. In reality business organizes labour/workers in such a way that essentially, although they play the largest role in actually creating the wealth, labour/the workers generally receive the smallest possible rewards for their efforts whilst big business creams off as much profit as possible.

The organizing and facilitating input of business (by which we often mean big business) can just as easily be replaced by human scale businesses, partnerships, cooperatives and the likes which are generally more humane and benevolent than faceless mindless, multinational, money-making machines.

So who creates the wealth of the multi-national monster MacDonalds? Is it the men in the board room or the people purchasing the ingredients, delivering the ingredients, organizing the outlet, making the food, serving the customers and cleaning the place? Cut out any of the essential workers mentioned and there is no MacDonalds, cut out upper management and the boardroom and MacDonalds is still there.That is how much wealth the “big” part of big business creates.

Big, fat, greedy big business also screws with our heads by filling us with unfulfillable gestalts and neuroses through TV advertising, by filling our food with chemicals, by destroying near all other sorts of economic activity, by interfering with our democratic systems through lobbying, by driving small business out of business, by even building things that are designed to break rather than last – so we have to by new ones and give them more money, by creating monopolies and pushing up prices when opportunity arrives and a 1001 other hateful things big and small.

Our obsession with with facilitating big, powerful greedy business, rather than promoting more civilized, local, mutual and cooperative forms of production and service provision is a type of masochism that we have been brainwashed into by the people who told us forget about production – think about economics, forget about Clause 4, big business will look after us and we will tax them to pay for those who need help. It didn’t work.

The solution has been there all along. It is for benevolent governments, in every way, to favour cooperatives, smaller businesses and mutual enterprises over big businesses and drive big business back into its natural nooks and crannies, – because left to its own devices the current social virus of big business is liable to eventually create a flavour of Capitalism every bit as tyrannical as the supposedly Socialist ideology which inflicted Orwellian misery upon Eastern Europe for many long years.

Horticulturist: We Must Go Back To Being Self-Sufficient


Don’t be dependent on government!
Horticulturist Ron Finley shares his vision for community gardening and rejuvenation.

My Conclusion

We all to take matters into our own hands by starting a garden, growing our own food and herbs, be educated. Even you never grown a plant from seed; start with the basics. We all can self efficient.

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The essence of “co-operative socialism”

A society where cooperativism is dominant rather than corporate capitalism is a society that spreads its wealth.

The Wandering Hedgehog

Greg Rosen’s book Serving the People quotes two statements in particular that seem excellent summaries of what “co-operative socialism” is about, in contrast to the centralised state-socialism that characterised much of Labour’s actions.

The first was written by Harold Campbell in 1947 (p.27):

The Co-operative Party advocates the sovereignty of the consumer. It declares that the state should be controlled in the interests of the consumer as a co-operative society is controlled in his interests.

It bases its advocacy upon the socialist ground that consumer control is the only truly classless control. The consumer interest is all embracing: any other is a limited interest. … The specific role of the co-operative movement in politics is the advocation of libertarian socialism, based upon the classlessness of consumer sovereignty.

In the drive to make as much headway in five years towards a new and planned Britain by the Labour government, much…

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Replace State Schools with Independent Educational Cooperatives

Government is using ruining education to play political games, in many cases ruining whole lives through the fall out of this immoral point scoring. Government is also turning school into a place of indoctrination, mind closing and intellectual suppression, rather than a place of mind opening and intellectual liberation. A solution to this problem and a a partial barrier towards the Statist tyranny that Britain is heading would be a replacement of the state school system with fully independent educational cooperatives supported by government education vouchers (only non-profit making educational cooperatives would be able to accept these vouchers).

Such cooperatives would rise or fall based upon their success and popularity, they would teach according to the needs and inclinations of their students and students parents rather than the whims of government and they would be free from government demands, government inspection and the general madness that has been the influence upon government upon education in the last several decades.

I could go on writing another 500 words on this but the above two paragraphs contain everything important about the idea.