Replace State Schools with Independent Educational Cooperatives

Government is using ruining education to play political games, in many cases ruining whole lives through the fall out of this immoral point scoring. Government is also turning school into a place of indoctrination, mind closing and intellectual suppression, rather than a place of mind opening and intellectual liberation. A solution to this problem and a a partial barrier towards the Statist tyranny that Britain is heading would be a replacement of the state school system with fully independent educational cooperatives supported by government education vouchers (only non-profit making educational cooperatives would be able to accept these vouchers).

Such cooperatives would rise or fall based upon their success and popularity, they would teach according to the needs and inclinations of their students and students parents rather than the whims of government and they would be free from government demands, government inspection and the general madness that has been the influence upon government upon education in the last several decades.

I could go on writing another 500 words on this but the above two paragraphs contain everything important about the idea.

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