Big Business Creates Weath? More like Big Business Screws us All

In modern Britain so often we hear the mantra that big business is good because it creates wealth and that is just one of the biggest crocks about. In reality business organizes labour/workers in such a way that essentially, although they play the largest role in actually creating the wealth, labour/the workers generally receive the smallest possible rewards for their efforts whilst big business creams off as much profit as possible.

The organizing and facilitating input of business (by which we often mean big business) can just as easily be replaced by human scale businesses, partnerships, cooperatives and the likes which are generally more humane and benevolent than faceless mindless, multinational, money-making machines.

So who creates the wealth of the multi-national monster MacDonalds? Is it the men in the board room or the people purchasing the ingredients, delivering the ingredients, organizing the outlet, making the food, serving the customers and cleaning the place? Cut out any of the essential workers mentioned and there is no MacDonalds, cut out upper management and the boardroom and MacDonalds is still there.That is how much wealth the “big” part of big business creates.

Big, fat, greedy big business also screws with our heads by filling us with unfulfillable gestalts and neuroses through TV advertising, by filling our food with chemicals, by destroying near all other sorts of economic activity, by interfering with our democratic systems through lobbying, by driving small business out of business, by even building things that are designed to break rather than last – so we have to by new ones and give them more money, by creating monopolies and pushing up prices when opportunity arrives and a 1001 other hateful things big and small.

Our obsession with with facilitating big, powerful greedy business, rather than promoting more civilized, local, mutual and cooperative forms of production and service provision is a type of masochism that we have been brainwashed into by the people who told us forget about production – think about economics, forget about Clause 4, big business will look after us and we will tax them to pay for those who need help. It didn’t work.

The solution has been there all along. It is for benevolent governments, in every way, to favour cooperatives, smaller businesses and mutual enterprises over big businesses and drive big business back into its natural nooks and crannies, – because left to its own devices the current social virus of big business is liable to eventually create a flavour of Capitalism every bit as tyrannical as the supposedly Socialist ideology which inflicted Orwellian misery upon Eastern Europe for many long years.

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