An Angry Rant About GPs in the UK.

Getting to see a GP in Britain at the moment  has become little easier than seeking an appointment with a famous person or politician. Appointments have become something like gold dust and oftentimes you may be quite likely to get better on your own before you manage to get a non-emergency appointment. There was a time when you would ring up the surgery and sure as anything you would get an appointment in the next couple of days, now in many surgeries you cannot even do this and have to get into a telephone race at the start of each day to get an appointment that day, miss it and you have to do it the next day. If you are a late riser you are stuffed. It’s like the struggle at the opening of a seasonal sale, but completely devoid of the happy consumerist enjoyment that some people find in that.

The UK has too few doctors who are paid too much (I have read that our GPs are paid 2nd highest, beaten only by those in the wealthy USA, whilst French GP’s, for example, earn only something like 2/3rds of that which British GPs do). Due to the shortage that afflicts us, many of our doctors also work overly long hours as well and as a result of this they cannot be providing the best service.

Apparently lots of people in the UK are studying medicine at the moment, but before the following glut of graduates (God willing) increase the number of UK doctors the following thought occurs to me. Plenty of British doctors are of a low quality and hurdles that discourage fully competent foreign doctors (individuals who are fluent in English and who would happily work for a lot less) from working here here need to be removed.

Plenty of workers and professionals study long and work hard, there is no justification at all for the inflated wages paid to British GPs or the difficulty that normal people have accessing them nowadays. The country needs many more GPs than at present and realistically to afford more we need to stop paying them over the odds and start paying them more realistic wages.

One thought on “An Angry Rant About GPs in the UK.

  1. Someone said to me on this point ” Unfortunately we live in a free market of supply and demand, so GP’s wages will only come down when there is more GP’s then demand. ”

    The free market that they are talking about is a stagnant puddle in a much larger global market in which there is not an artificially inflated GP income. The world has plenty of well trained English speaking doctors who would be happy to work in the UK, but lots of hurdles are placed to keep them out of the UK when in fact we should be actively importing them en masse.

    For example only about 10% of UK medical graduates fail the Royal College of General Practitioners GP exam, but strangely enough nearly two thirds of foreign trained GPs fail it. I have read in an Independent article that a study showed that not only are white candidates four times more likely to pass
    the exam the first time than ethnic minority candidates trained in the UK,
    but that they are 14 times more likely than candidates trained overseas.

    A free market has open borders, not borders policed by those influenced by a system dominated by doctors with vested interests in limiting supply to keep wages overly high or who are clearly guilty of institutional racism on a grand scale.


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