To NATO or not to NATO this is the question?

Some people are suggesting that Britain should leave NATO, they point out that since the end of the cold war NATO has deviated from its original defensive goals and mutated into a tool for American Imperialism and America plays fast and loose with the world’s safety (such as risking major conflict with Russia over Ukraine).

It is not uncommon to hear people say that it is time that Britain stopped acting as the American poodle and took up a non-Imperialist international policy. They may point out that we gave up our own Empire out of guilt only to get involved in an even more violent American Capitalist Empire (i.e, let in our multinationals and restructure your economy in our interests or we find excuses to bomb the s*** out of you), which for some reason we feel no guilt about at all.

Yet if Britain left NATO it would be giving up one of its methods of security and could not continue trying to act as a smaller world policeman, which is a role that makes many enemies. A sensible Britain outside of NATO would surely have to take up a rather Swiss approach to defense with a combination of strong defensive army set up for operations at home and some degree of political neutrality – live and let live. Of course this does have various advantages, however I doubt that we will see it any time soon and it would be such a radical change that its implications would be broad and are rather hard to even imagine.

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