On Signs on the Horizons by Michael Sugich

An extremely brief synopsis on … Signs on the Horizons, Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination by Michael Sugich

I read this lovely book today. It is a fascinating memoir of an American convert to Sufi Islam and of the Sufi Saints whom he has known. These include many famous and less famous well loved figures who are sadly no longer with us.

The book covers his experiences over several decades living in the Middle East and in the West and his experiences of figures ranging from Sheikh Muhammad Alawi Maliki to the famous elder of British reverts Gai Eaton and even on to Michael Sugich’s lifelike dream connections with Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Habib (may Allah bless them).

Especially moving was Sugich’s description of his love for and connection to Sayyid Omar Abdullah, who was a true Sufi alongside his other roles as African educationalist and Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Commoros Islands. His stories of Sayyid Omar Abdullah (may Allah bless him) describe the life and ways of a special man who was a true exemplar of genuine Islam.

The back cover blurb ends with the sentence ‘It is a spellbinding memorial told with eloquence, empathy, self-effacing humor, insight and love.’ which is a pretty good description of this well recommended work. A book which I have placed high in my bookcase alongside my very favourite volumes.

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