Effeminate “Conservative” Government a Threat to Britain

What a sorry state of affairs exists in British politics.

British newspapers shamelessly full of bizarre scare stories against the liberation of Britain from monotonous EU tyranny.

The shamelessly evil hooray Henrys of the Cameron regime refusing to prevent the collapse of the British steel industry – even though a nation’s ability to produce defensive armaments is reliant upon amongst other things a sound steel industry – even whilst power hungry China is trying to finish it off with a massive anti-British steel import tax.

Meanwhile this same “Conservative” quisling regime has withdrawn naval protection from the (more British than 2016 Britain) Falkland Islands despite the fact that the oil hungry  Argentinians and hostile elements in the UN are conspiring to sever this indisputable part of Britain from its motherland.

It is almost as if the steady rise of Labour in the polls http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/poll-jeremy-corbyn-labour-tories-voting-intention-general-election-first-time-leader-a6930721.html made Cameron try to set up conditions for a defensive war in the South Atlantic to drum up popularity, after all it worked for the ginger milk snatcher.



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