This is my website. It is a place for me to express my thoughts and feelings and to record ideas and impressions. It is a place to record the subconscious churnings of an E-INFP.  The swirlings of a mind journeying (sometimes struggling sometimes gliding) on the path that leads towards integration.
I am interested like an overweight bearded middle-aged subject-squashing butterfly in a wide range of subjects which tend to catch my attention in a cyclical manner. These range through current affairs, through spirituality, environmentalism, animal welfare, British politics, history, alternative technology and post oil, the strange and mysterious and various others things.
Some of these writings are new, some are old, some are very old. I generally like holding forth a lot more than people like listening to or reading me and I know it!
Amidst these writings are a plethora of quotes that “do it for me”. I hope you too can find benefit through them. I may very well delete this blog at any time as I am fickle.
What sort of person am I? A bit of a dabbler in this and that, a lover of the countryside, of museums, of coffee shops, of second hand bookshops, an-occasional (actually a regular) non-deliberate Mr Bean impersonator, a Sufi-leaning Muslim, an animal lover, a tree lover (even occasionally a tree hugger when no one is looking)… a progressive in the sense of being an economic left winger, a believer in Social Democracy and a supporter of a mixed public-private economy, of Fair Trade, of Cooperative Ideology, an anti-racist and anti-Neoliberalist… a traditionalists in the sense of being a believer in individual property, locally focused economies, agrarianism, gold standard restoration, Distributism and an anti-Marxist, and a believer in small business, but disgusted by corporate big business. Also a Social Conservative , a Monarchist, a Traditionalist, a bit of a Reactionary in a number of areas…
A Note on Habitually “Strange” Spellings...You may notice that I sometimes use English spellings and sometimes American ones (sometimes mixed in the same sentence) or just make up my on spellings on occasion. I wouldn’t worry about that. People worry too much bout these things. Who wrote the English dictionaries and grammar books? were they prophets sent from God? – nope they were simply men and women with opinions. It could be argued that even if they helped spread mutual understanding in the written language they also enslaved English, robbing it of some of its fluidity and flexibility, murdering the written forms of the English dialects and taking away some other interesting things in the process.
Anyway don’t take too much notice of me. I’m extremely silly and a little naughty too.
A fan of
John Ruskin, * Benjamin Disraeli, * Goethe, * Timothy Winters, * Conan Doyle, * C.S. Lewis, * Tony Benn, * Charles Le Gai Eaton, * Charles Dickens, * P.G. Wodehouse, * Robert K. Massie, * Thomas Arnold, * Ian Dallas, * John Milton, * Jonathan Swift, * G.K. Chesterton, * Carl Jung, * Charles Forte,  * JRR Tolkien, * Hillaire Belloc, * Huey Long, * Hugh Gaitskell, * Keir Hardie, * William King, * Edmund Burke, * HRH Prince Charles, * Ramsay MacDonald, * Joseph de Maistre,  * Sultan  bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, * Erik Ritter von Leddihn, * RH Tawney, * Sultan Qaboos, * Umar Faruq Abdullah, * Henry Stubbe, * Hamza Yusuf Hanson, * Hafez of Shiraz, * Ahmad Thomson, * Murabit al Hajj, * Aisha Bewley, * Al Ghazali, * Edmund Burke, * Rumi, * Thomas Jefferson, * Saadi, * Said Nursi, * Abraham Lincoln, * Lao Tzu, * Confucius
Some Thoughts…

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