Benevolence is a keystone and the way of living for a wise person…
The man of good parts
makes choices of benevolence;
For mankind becomes prosperous
from benevolence.
Be conqueror of the world
through kindness and benevolence;
Be a chief in the kingdom
of kindness and generosity.
Benevolence is the attribute
of men of piety,
Benevolence is the duty
of the prosperous.
Benevolence is the touchstone
of the alloy of sin,
is the medicine for all ills.
Be not, if you can,
void of benevolence,
That you may snatch
the ball of excellence
owing to benevolence.
If anyone looks with
an unfavourable eye
Even the figure of Joseph
will indicate ugliness
And if they look with the eye of favour
on a demon,
It will appear an angel,
a cherub in their sight.
Time tests beauty
The superficial beauty
that comes with youth
soon starts to fade
Yet the real beauty
of a benevolent heart
may increase with age
Superficial beauty may be seen
by everyone with eyes
Yet real beauty may only be seen
by those with a benevolent heart
As youth fades
Superficial beauty may be
gradually replaced on the face,
a window of the soul,
with ugliness from within
As youth fades
Real beauty may
gradually shine forth on the face
– a window of the soul,
with the beauty of a good heart

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