The European Union is Evil



“We would be better off freed from the exactions, excessive contributions, toils, red tape and regulations of the European Union.”  Austin Mitchell
“It if this is the idea, the end of Britain as an independent European state…it means the end of a thousand years of history.” Hugh Gaitskell
“My view of the EU has always been not that I am hostile to foreigners but I am in favour of democracy. I think they are building an empire and want us to be part of that empire…” 
“Britain’s continuing membership of the Community would mean the end of Britain as a completely self-governing nation.” 
“When I saw how the European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic…”  Tony Benn
“…Labour wants to see Europe safe and prosperous. But the European Economic Community, which does not even include the whole of Western Europe, was never devised to suit us, and our experience as a member of it has made it more difficult for us to deal with our economic and industrial problems…Moreover, by preventing us from buying food from the best sources of world supply, they would run counter to our plans to control prices and inflation…For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain” 1983 Labour Party Manifesto
“Virtually every serious review of the costs and benefits of the EU show that Britain would be better off out of the organisation in most, if not all, respects but political elite in all political parties will simply not listen to the facts.  Those who believe that the European Union can be reformed from within are deluding themselves.  Its very nature demands that, ever more power must be conceded to the EU institutions and, consequently, that of the nations be reduced.  Britain would certainly be BETTER OFF OUT and the longer our country remains in, the more certain it is that we shall simply become a mere province in a “country called Europe” Lord Stoddart of Swindon
“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”  
Ronald Reagan

Effeminate “Conservative” Government a Threat to Britain

What a sorry state of affairs exists in British politics.

British newspapers shamelessly full of bizarre scare stories against the liberation of Britain from monotonous EU tyranny.

The shamelessly evil hooray Henrys of the Cameron regime refusing to prevent the collapse of the British steel industry – even though a nation’s ability to produce defensive armaments is reliant upon amongst other things a sound steel industry – even whilst power hungry China is trying to finish it off with a massive anti-British steel import tax.

Meanwhile this same “Conservative” quisling regime has withdrawn naval protection from the (more British than 2016 Britain) Falkland Islands despite the fact that the oil hungry  Argentinians and hostile elements in the UN are conspiring to sever this indisputable part of Britain from its motherland.

It is almost as if the steady rise of Labour in the polls made Cameron try to set up conditions for a defensive war in the South Atlantic to drum up popularity, after all it worked for the ginger milk snatcher.



Norway is better-off than the UK but Cameron won’t follow its example | Vox Political

Britain can learn a lot from Norway, from its greater egalitarianism and social feeling, to the traditional Nordic Model of economic organization. Norway is very happy outside the tyranny of the EU, yet trades happily with it.

The EU is a tyrannical bosses club. The EU is not synonymous with Europe. Britain needs to head for the door before it closes. Membership of EFTA and the EEA show a possible alternative arrangement.


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Stuff the EU – time to get out!

Britain should head for the EU’s door before we find it has disappeared. There is too little benefit from the EU to make the Kafkaesque bureaucracy and Napoleonic totalitarian impulses worth putting up with.

People who think that they can really reform the EU into something with just the good bits share an unrealistic dream. We can all imagine what we would like it to be, but the fact of the matter is that Tony Benn was spot on – it’s an undemocratic (and business dominated) Empire in the making…

…workers may get concessions, but they will be nothing more than that, as for Britain’s liberty and Parliament’s autonomy – we can forget about them unless we leave. We need to get out whilst it is still an option. The only reason that staying in is more popular is that too few people realize the full implications of staying in.

The EU is the organization that cuts us off from the world, by creating an artificial barrier between Britain and the parts of the world that are not in the EU.

Stuff the EU lets have closer ties to the Commonwealth, which is a far larger and more interesting segment of the world to nurture closeness with rather than making ourselves a little segment of mundane old Europe, a place where we are greatly outnumbered by our boring cousins.

EU Hostility to Trade Unions…

Social Europe is Dead…

Jeremy Corbyn has said that we can’t be content with the state of the EU as it stands but rather than seeking to break away he thinks we can reform it. I believe that he is mistaken on this one – the EU is a superstate in the making – it deals with people like a road roller deals with tarmac.

We know that the EU will almost certainly oppose any moves to give us more scope for such things as nationalization and we know that it is the same problem when it comes to economics and austerity.

It is David Cameron and his cronies who are renegotiating with the EU and they are liable to make things worse not better.

Great numbers of Labour members and supporters are opposed to the EU and know full well that  Jeremy Corbyn will miss an opportunity to stand up for the future possibilities of social democracy in Britain and to get in touch with the predominantly anti-EU zeitgeist of the working classes if he doesn’t take a strong stance on the EU.

With what’s currently on the table “out” is the obvious option for anyone who doesn’t want to be part of a very ugly, very bureaucratic, capitalist dominated super-state cum Empire.…