Big Fat Lies 1

Big Fat Lie 1…. “the Trickle Down Effect” – what Neoliberalism actually produces is a Trickle up Effect. The rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer.
Big Fat Lie 2… “the Market will Provide” – You may as well make your choices by spinning a dice. The market generally only provides well for the rich who are buoyed up on the iniquitous structures of Neo-Liberal Capitalism (something not to be confused with an individual’s ability to trade – usury and government favouritism towards large amoral corporate entities has nothing to do with trade).
Big Fat Lie 3… “Socialism Originated with Karl Marx, Capitalism is the Traditional and Natural Western Economic System” – Both Socialism and Communism existed long before Marx and as ideas they were promoted by Christians beginning with Sir Thomas Moore (d. 1535) in his Utopia. Capitalism as we today know it today – a system infused with USURY is a very modern development.
Big Fat Lie 3…”there are 6666 verses in the Qur’an” – There are actually 6236.
Big Fat Lie 4… “the Winter of Discontent Discredited Old Labour” – All it did was demonstrate that “In Place of Strife” had been necessary and the failure to implement it cost Britain its Social Democracy. The Winter of Discontent actually brought to light the problem of foreign influence over British institutions, see below.
Big Fat Lie 5… “Old Labour was to blame for the Winter of Discontent” – Unreasonable union demands linked to a KGB plot against the successful British Social Democracy (which was preventing the growth of British Marxism and proving all too well that a civilized egalitarian society was not the domain of the Marxists) were to blame (Key British KGB defector Oleg Gordievsky revealed this).
Big Fat Lie 6… “Tony Blair and Blairism were responsible for the return of Labour to power” – The British public were sick of the sleazy Tories and were ready for practically anyone else. Tony Blair just happened to be in the right place at the right time. If John Smith had not unexpectedly died he would almost certainly have ended up Prime Minister. John Smith was nothing like Tony Blair and a sober John Smith government may have shown
Big Fat Lie 7… “Religion is the Cause of All Wars” – This is just a silly claim. Some wars have had religious causes, but nearly all wars have very worldly causes. The 20th century was the century of Atheism but it was a century in which mass warfare spanned the globe.
Big Fat Lie 8… “Monarchy is for the benefit of the Monarch” – Monarchy is an ancient system which has been supported by the mass of people not because of favouritism towards the Monarchy, but because it is simple and done properly it works.
Big Fat Lie 9… “Elected Presidents are superior to born Monarchs” – In fact the reverse is generally true. The lowliest and most immoral Machiavellian snakes are often the best at climbing the political ladder.
Big Fat Lie 10… “The invasion of Iraq was to protect the West from terrorists” – All the evidence points to the fact that it was all about oil and geopolitics. As is know quite clearly proven the invasion spawned a great deal of new terrorism and the birth of many terrorists.
Big Fat Lie 11… “Hamas are terrorists, but the IDF are not” – The IDF are highly successful terrorists who have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians – On the other hand if there were league tables for terrorism Hamas would be at the bottom of the little leagues.
Big Fat Lie 12… “British Conservative governments Spend Less” – From 1997-2010 Labour increased UK public debt by 407 billion – sounds bad until you discover that the current Tory government managed to increase public debt by the 407 billion in the first three years of their misrule!
Big Fat Lie 13… “Neo-Liberal Capitalist Consumerism is the most efficient Economic System” – In reality the system is very inefficient with huge amount of energy wasted upon moving products ridiculous distances, packaging them in ridiculous amounts of packaging and even engaging in immoral behaviours such as selling products  with “inbuilt obsolescence”. Likewise the system tends to focus large amounts of energy on socially worthless but economically valuable production which serves rich beneficiaries of the system but harms many others.
Big Fat Lie 14… “A System built upon Competition naturally increases Choice” – In reality the opposite can also happen when every producer finds that they have to fit their products into standardized ranges – every seller tending to to ape their competitors – marketers being used to create the illusion of difference between many similar brands. Rather than local foods, local manufacturers and local tastes we are seeing the global imposition of an almost standardized set of unnatural products mainly produced by the big corporations and filled with various additives of dubious safety. To be fair whilst Capitalism has not increased choice for the great majority of the population, I have to admit that it has done for the small very rich minority who benefit from the system.
Big Fat Lie 15… “Modern Neo-Liberal Capitalism Supports Freedom and Individualism” – tell this to the third world workers who lost their farms through the corruption of their leaders and now have to work on cash crop plantations for the abusive multinationals, tell this to the majority of people who loose their freedom to become undervalued cogs in the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Machine be they workers in call centers, factories or those maintained in by the state unemployment as an ever present threat to those in work.  Neo-Liberal Capitalism implemented in a society forces workers to sell their labour to the rich so that they can make profit from it – in  Neo-Liberal Capitalist societies nearly everything is owned by the rich, there is no space for the average man to express his individuality or to choose to live in a way different from that ordained upon him by the system (work slavery). Modern Capitalism has in fact largely seen the destruction of small businesses and the growth of completely amoral mega-corporations. Never confuse Neo-Liberal Capitalism with Trade – they are two totally different things. Furthermore the Neo-Liberal Capitalist Corporate media gives the idea that it is “free” when it is a forum that constantly promotes the iniquitous status quo and attacks the alternatives. To be fair though, Neo-Liberal Capitalism does support the freedom and individualism of the tiny minority that owns nearly everything thanks to the system.
Big Fat Lie 16… “Public Debt is a Necessary Evil” – In reality there is no reason that a Sovereign State should own money to anyone. Governments do not have to borrow from private banks or to let privately owned central banks print their currency. A strong government national government is quite capable of escaping the banking cartels and the domination of the markets – they just don’t want to. What can be done? By prohibiting usury a government can destroy private banking and replace it with government supported mutual societies, By taking control of the currency and by establishing a strictly controlled repayment plan for past debt or simply defaulting (this option would not be advisable as it would be likely to lead to various forms of attack by third parties on behalf of the bankers – don’t doubt it) this criminal  situation (in which everyone is born owing a debt contracted by others that will later be extracted from their taxes) can be escaped.
Big Fat Lie 17… “Countries Are Naturally Interdependent” – Countries like Britain can easily be independent of other countries. National “Self Sufficiency of Production” is a completely logical state of affairs for a fair sized and wealthy country. Whilst reliance upon foreign production is contrary to national sovereignty. What a free country needs – they should produce, otherwise it may one day be withheld from them by a foreign power. Only if a country cannot produce something should international trade become an issue.  The reason that people are obsessed with international trade and the markets is because they have replaced logical control of production by actual control of production and have instead let the market control production (focusing upon economics rather than actual production is a bit like tossing a dice to make decisions). The market has no wisdom or morality. It is brutal and its efficiency is not efficiency in providing well being for the people.