Free East Turkestan!

So in the land of the big fat (dog and cat munching) Yellow Peril in the East, what do we see today? Not so long ago we saw Muslims prohibited from fasting in Ramadan now we see the Imams of occupied East Turkestan forced to dance in the street, forced to swear an oath that they will not tell Muslim children about their religion and having to declare an oath that religion is “harmful to the soul”.

It is a principle of faith in Islam that all income comes from God, whatever the means it came through. Knowing this the Chinese 1984 style occupiers forced the Imams to parade through the streets carrying placards that read “our income comes from the Chinese Communist Party not from God”.

At this festival which echoed to the dark days of the Cultural Revolution speeches were given telling the youths not to attend Mosques and telling them that praying to God is detrimental to health. Observers noticed that this was nothing less than a nasty, totalitarian, pathetic and embarrassing attempt at grinding the religion and self-esteem of the natives of East Turkestan into the dust.

In this Turkic land (which has been occupied by the tyranny of modern secular fundamentalist China since 1949) teachers have been trained in methods of how to keep their students away from religion and have been made to swear oaths that they would do this. Religion is banned from government buildings, as are religious clothes. Young men with beards are especially targeted for persecution as are young women who cover their hair.

The occupiers with to replace local Turkic traditions and the religion of Islam with the bland doctrines of totalitarianism and the ignorance of materialism.  They have been trying for a long time – but as they are trying to replace something meaningful with something vacuous they are facing an uphill struggle.

May snot drips fall into the noodles of the tyrannical Chinese secular fundamentalists, may ants bite them, may bees sting them and may the people of religion in China and its occupied territories (Confucians, Daoists, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and more) rise up together and sweep away their oppressors.